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IQS Directory is a comprehensive list of manufacturers and suppliers serving major segments of the industrial manufacturing marketplace in the USA and Canada broken down by specific product and service headings.

High visibility on the major search engines for frequently searched and popular industrial terms drives engineer and buyers that are ready to specify into the IQS database of companies. Our continued keyword analysis and updates are vital to development of qualified users and activity.

There are certain industries that can be defined by one core term such as brushes, glass, foam and rope. However, their descriptive second term creates thousands of variations of the core term. There are other industries that have a core term and have very distinct related terms such as membrane switches with key pads and touch screens.

To add to the complexity of the targeted keywords, users will search by industry such as aerospace, automotive, computer, medical, electronics, etc. while others will search by application. Another group of users will search by descriptive function such as centrifugal. An example that uses all three would be a medical liquid ring vacuum pump. The multiple combinations of related keywords provides the user the most qualified result and results in thousands of related search terms.

Each of our major industry’s group is defined by hundreds of related keywords with high visibility on the major search engines for these industrial terms drives engineer and buyers who are ready to buy or specify from the IQS database of companies.

Each category provides a verified and qualified list of companies with a rollover feature displaying their website home page with their products and capabilities.  Our patented request for quote form is submitted by our users with details of their request with attachments and is sent real-time to the selected industrial companies through email. 

Each company has a profile page highlighting informative product videos, press releases, latest news postings, and customer testimonials.

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