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Thermoforming Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory implements a thorough list of thermoforming companies and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top thermoforming companies with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any thermoforming company can design and engineer thermoforming services to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach thermoforming companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a company of plastic thermoforming, automotive thermoforming, and medical thermoformers.

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Thermoforming is what we are all about! We have the capabilities to produce face-on blisters, trays, fillers, structures and any other product you desire. We also have machines that are capable of thermoforming both small and large items for your convenience. Your product materials may include PVC, APET, PETG, HIPS, ABS or many other materials that are available in a variety of colors as well. Call today to learn more!
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Conlet's goal is to understand your business needs & implement technology consulting, education & procurement. Their technology & training solutions have been implemented in a wide range of major industries. Functioning as a specialized extension of our client's facility, we assure the highest quality of thermoforming with an optimum combination of price, quality & on-time delivery.
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We have a broad variety of thermoforming machines to ensure that we are able to do any job our customers need. We are able to work with materials that have a thickness of up to an inch and a half for your convenience. We have a commitment to our customers in all phases from design and engineering to final production. For more information please feel free to fill out the easy form on our website or email our staff today!
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When it comes to thermoforming we are the experts! We have a couple of separate divisions that our thermoforming deals with including, thin gauge thermoforming, surgical drapes and medical devices as well as packaging and assembly. We are committed to providing you with the best products available on the market today. For more information email or call our qualified staff or visit our website to look around for yourself!
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Our specialized thermoforming solutions utilize a range of materials including: ABS, PC, HDPE, TPO, HIPS, and PVC. We strive to give your business a competitive advantage and we take quality very seriously here which is why we are ISO 9001:2008 registered. Our thermoforming is beyond compare and we are here to meet your needs.
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We provide custom thermoforming for all of your needs. We offer cost effective thermoforming that is versatile and efficient. We use our own plastic that we have extruded in house so we have complete control over your product. We are the "go to" people to fill any size order; no job is too small or too large for us! To learn more visit our website or contact our friendly customer service representatives via telephone or email today!
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When it comes to excellent thermoforming look no further! We are able to provide you custom thermoforming services at a low competitive cost. It is our main goal to treat all of our customers like they are number one in order to keep them coming back to us. We are proud to be able to bring you a broad variety of products for your convenience. Visit our website or get in touch with our staff via phone or email today!
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Thermoforming is a relatively simple, but beneficial manufacturing process in which plastic materials are heated, stretched and cooled to form complete parts and components. Such varied industries as food processing, cosmetic, medical, electronics, entertainment, household product, toy, athletic equipment, appliance, automotive, office supply and clothing manufacturing rely heavily upon this process.

Thermoforming is a process that packaging and shipping industries in particular rely on because of the inexpensive production of products such as blister packs, shrink wrap, bins and clamshells that house and protect other consumer products. Optimal for medium to large scale production, thermoforming allows manufacturers to produce a several uniform parts with a very fast turn around time, often a few seconds per part. To further accommodate industry, thermoforming processes can utilize are large number of thermoplastics. Acrylic, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, crystalline polyester, semi-gloss polymers and others are commonly used to produce parts of varied rigidity, moisture resistance and other such qualities. It is important to consider the intended use of a thermoformed part when selecting the most appropriate material base. Further considerations include thickness, machine dimensions, depth of draw, air pressure and clamping force. Thermoforming professionals can assist consumers in product design to ensure the proper machine, material and part are chosen.

The thermoforming process follows several important steps. First, the thermoplastic sheet or film is fed into a heating device that uses electric, infrared or natural gas powered heaters to raise the temperature of the plastic. The duration and temperature of the heating process vary according to the differing properties of the polymers used. Once the material becomes soft and pliable, it is transferred to the form station. The sheet is stretched over a temperature-controlled surface referred to as a mold or buck. There are several different types of thermoforming that deviate slightly at this stage of processing. Vacuum forming is the most commonly used technique. This requires the application of negative air, or suction between the mold and the plastic, thereby pulling the two together for better adherence. Pressure forming operates in a similar manner but uses positive air flow for better adherence. This step offers the most precision forming and is used when detail is essential.  Twin sheet thermoforming combines two sheets, sealing them together with a seam around the edge to create a single uniform part. Finally, drape forming produces parts with a gradual bend. When sufficient adherence is achieved, the part is dried, cooled and cured before being ejected and trimmed as needed via cutting, drilling, hand routing or CNC machining. If needed secondary processes are then performed. Printing and hot stamped are commonly used for product identification, labeling or marketing.

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