Welcome To The Future of Convenience: Smart Homes

Remember the days when you had to get up off the couch to adjust the thermostat? Or when you worried all morning at work, wondering if you’d turned off the coffee pot? Or perhaps that time you pulled a lump of mildew-laden clothes you’d forgotten about from the washer? Remember how the future was always […]

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the World

Since the earliest days of the internet, community and security have been key topics associated with both the growth of the digital age and the difficulty of finding a secure place within it. A noble, albeit elusive goal, the tech giants of today still struggle with the open concept of the internet, while at the […]

The Latest Advances in Automotive Safety Will Blow Your Mind

The safety truck is an innovative concept that solves some of road safety’s biggest issues. Semi-trucks share roadways with passenger automobiles, and the disparity in size and weight leads to violent collisions, often caused by the difference in sight lines, maneuverability, and reaction times. In particular, semi-trucks and trailers obscure drivers’ views in situations including […]

Are Flying Cars Coming to the Skies?

Since the very first science fiction hit the shelves, the world has fantasized about flying objects. For nearly a century, books, radio dramas, movies, and television shows have depicted flying cars. And the most famous flying car to date? Probably Doc Brown’s flying DeLorean – the time machine from the movie franchise Back to the […]

How Blockchain Is Improving the Global Supply Chain

Blockchain technology is still relatively new to most people. If you ask the random person walking down the street what the blockchain is, they’ll likely look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language. The blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. A lot of people know what Bitcoin is, but still don’t […]

Your Carbon Footprint: How to Determine and Reduce It

Global warming, climate change, whatever you want to call it, has become a hot-button political issue, especially in the United States. Politicians use it as a rallying cry whether you believe in it or not. It’s almost to the point where it’s nothing but a talking point during a political campaign. People typically have just […]

Hyperloop and the Future of Train Travel

In the last one-hundred years, transportation advancements have steamed past the rail cars of the 1800’s to bring us automobiles that will soon reach complete and total autonomy and passenger aircraft that can crush the sound barrier. In this rapidly progressing environment, it’s easy to think of trains as a more outdated technology and a […]

Nuclear Fusion: What It Is and Why It Matters to You

There always has been and always will be an energy race. No matter the decade, millennium, or generation, humans have always found themselves in search of the next big thing to power their lives. In antiquity, the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Persians, and Asians managed to build grand civilizations using only manual labor. England became one […]

Brexit: A Divorce Like Few Others

Even if you’re a casual follower of the news, no doubt over the past couple of years you’ve seen a story or two about Brexit. Short for Britain Exit, Brexit is the messy divorce between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) that it has been a member of for the better part […]

How Facebook Is Solving the Fake Accounts Problem

Are you a Facebook user? If you are, then you can count yourself amongst a global community that includes roughly 2.2 billion other monthly active users. That’s pretty wild to think about especially when considering that is active users per month. However, an even more mind-boggling number is the amount of fake accounts the social […]