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Twice Qualified Visitor Referrals

We introduce prospects to your site who are ready to buy so that you see the results on your bottom line.

With our patented preview ad system and 50 word company descriptions, users can gain useful knowledge of where they are going before they get there. This ensures users from our site will be knowledgeable about your company and more likely to buy.


Our Patented Website Preview

Today’s buyers and engineers need efficiency in their search. IQS patented its “quick search” feature back in 2006. This feature lets OEM engineers and procurement professionals quickly qualify suppliers by interacting with your website and other websites without leaving our site and they will view your products/services and have the option to contact your sales team directly.

Rollover Preview2

Our Patented RFQ System

Another “quick search” feature is our patented request for quote form that is exclusive to our Premium Placements. This feature allows buyers and engineers to only fill out one form and select multiple vendors. The requests are sent real time for prompt follow up for new business opportunities.

RFQ Example

State Search and local search for every term including the surrounding states, at no charge

The Premium Program includes top placement in the customized state search results. This “quick search” feature provides a regional map with other suppliers and makes it possible for users to find companies related to the desired product in a specific state and region. These robust state search pages rank high on Google and Bing for searches that include state and city related searches.

IQS State Search

Same targeted categories and keywords for each industry

Your company is listed on both IQS and Microsites targeting the same categories and keyword groups. Our microsites have different features and were created back in 2000-2002 so Google provides significant trust and authority to these sites. We continue to develop both IQS and the microsites in addition to our link building programs for both.

Your Company Profile

Your detailed profile represents your company with a video display, logo, location map and extensive description of your experience and capabilities. Customer reviews and company news articles will highlight your successes and achievements. Prospects can use the email form to contact you with their products/service requests.

Company Profiles Ranked on Search Engines

Google ranks thousands of our profiles in the search of company names and this feature provides another site promoting your site in this space.

Additional IQS Features

Power pages

In 2021, IQS hired a group of technical writers to provide detailed technical articles including drawings and charts with over 4000-word editorial. We have solicited each industry for their input and evaluation. We have received an overwhelming positive response and we have been provided significant contributions to make these articles better. As of March 2022, we have over 400 detailed technical articles with over 130,000 user sessions with an average time on site over an incredible 10 minutes based on Google Analytics on a 30 day basis. We will continue to increase these articles.
IQS Power Page Home Page

Search By Industry Pages

There are many important keyword phrases that are not specific enough for specific search results for many OEM suppliers. Search phrases such as Material Handling Equipment can mean thousands of products. Another more easily to explain search phrase is Plastic Molding which can mean many processes like injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, vacuum forming, fiberglass molding, etc. IQS gets ranked on these important keywords and we have these search terms go into our Industry Pages for a more precise search. These buyers and engineers reach these pages and it breaks down parts of the industry to guide the user into the right category page they need. We have 40 Search by Industry Pages.
Search By Industry

Additional Microsite Features

Company profile listings that promote advertisers with links at no charge

Our microsites have more company profiles ranked on page one of Google than IQS Directory. One advantage of the microsites is that the microsites are targeted to one industry group allowing us more flexibility in targeting this group. We are able to provide your logo and link to your site on the non-advertiser company profiles along with a link to the list of advertisers for both the microsite and the IQS site category. We also provide two groups of general industry links specific to that microsite category as well as several general categories on IQS. We average over 20,000 user sessions per month coming into IQS from the microsites.
Manufacturer Advertising

Ranked on page 1 for many thousands of company name searches in Google for both the Microsites and IQS Directory.

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