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Metals such as stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminum, tungsten, titanium come in many different forms. Typically when referring to industrial metals, suppliers will include a number of products such as bars, foil, plate, rods, sheets, strip, wire and various other forms. Many suppliers offer customized solutions based upon the application need as many types of metals can be manipulated to fit a particular specification. However there are different types of benefits for different metals. For example aluminum 1100 is a specialized alloy of metal which is very soft. Although this metal cannot be hardened through heat treating processes, many applications will utilize this metal because it is very easy to shape and weld. Another example of a popular metal is 316 stainless steel. This alloy is extremely resistant to corrosion due to the amount of nickel in this type of metal. There are many industries which utilize industrial metals including: construction, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronic components, marine and much more.

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