Premium Placement

Creating strategic partnerships across the industrial supply chain.
Premium Placement will drive new business.

You have invested in your website and you need to make sure it pays off. Industrial Quick Search (IQS Directory) can help can get you qualified request for quotes. IQS Directory provides top position on keywords that have high conversions for your company’s product or service searches on Google and Bing.

IQS® will put your company in top consideration when specifiers are using the internet looking to buy. Request for Quote, Email, Preview Ads, Extensive Description of your company and multiple links to your website will give specifiers quick and easy access to your product offering through your web presence on IQS Directory.

Top Search Engine Ranking

IQS Directory specializes in top keyword placement for major industry groups. Each one of our industry groups is supported by hundreds of keywords unique to your industry. Our expert staff continuously monitors the most searched keywords to provide top rank on major search engines. Ensuring your company is found and your website has prequalified users at the time they are searching for your product.

Twice Qualified Visitor Referrals

We introduce prospects to your site who are ready to buy so that you see the results on your bottom line.

With our patented preview ad system and 50 word company descriptions, users can gain useful knowledge of where they are going before they get there. This ensures users from our site will be knowledgeable about your company and more likely to buy.

Patented Request for Quote and Preview Window Features

Our Premium Program has a patented preview ad system that displays your company website to the top OEM engineers and buyers. Your company preview ad leads these specifiers into your website where they will view your product/services and contact your sales team directly. The patented request for quote form is exclusive to our Premium Placements and the requests are sent real time for prompt follow up and new business opportunities.

Custom Company Profile

The detailed profile represents your company with a video display, logo, location map and extensive description of your experience and capabilities. Customer reviews and company news articles will highlight your successes and achievements. Prospects can use the email form to contact you with their products/service requests.

Qualified State Search Results

The Premium Program includes top placement in the customized state search results. This feature makes it possible for users to find companies related to the desired product in a specific state and region. These robust state search pages rank high on Google and Bing for state-industrial related searches.