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When you need a great packaging solution, call VisiPak. We specialize in listening to your packaging requirements, asking the right questions, & guiding you to a clear choice. A stock product may be best or maybe the situation warrants a uniquely designed package, & we will work within your budget. VisiPak packaging specialists work with you to find the right choice. From our engineering team to production to shipping, our quality & service will not disappoint. With a range of manufacturing options, including extrusion for clear tubes, thermoforming for clamshells, blister packaging & trays, dip molding for caps and injection molding for caps & plugs, our variety of options allows us to serve a wide range of industries. Retail, medical & industrial applications are just a few of the industries that rely on our quality parts & service. VisiPak has been manufacturing clear packaging for over 70 years, expanding to four locations in the USA, two in UK, & one in both China & Australia.

With VisiPak you gain advantages. You expect reliable quality products and services, which you get with VisiPak. Our customer satisfaction index is consistently strong; an indicator that our customers enjoy the advantages offered by VisiPak. Many items are in stock & available for purchase on our ecommerce website. If stock does not for you, we work as a team to design your package, supply drawings & a prototype for testing before full production.

Our Fenton, MO locations currently operates 14 state-of-the-art extruders, with more to come. Clear tubing produced here can be cut & converted to a tube container by adding a permanent bottom in a secondary process. A line of caps & plugs makes the tube package complete. Another St. Louis, MO area suburb is the home of our thermoforming facility, producing all clamshells, blisters, and trays.

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