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Above all else, Carteret values success and growth in the products we provide for our customers. Since our inception in 1960, it has been Carteret’s promise to build and strengthen our reputation in the zinc component production industry. The past five decades has seen us grow from a two-man, two-machine shop and a 1000-square foot building into a 21,000-square-foot facility with more than 20 state-of-the-art casting machines. This wide range of equipment has enabled our team of engineers to produce zinc die castings with optimum efficiency. As a result, multiple industries and applications have benefitted from our products. These markets include fiber optics, military, electronics, medical, and more. Die casting is our specialty, and we can produce die cast components in all "hot chamber" Zamac alloys and ZA-8, in sizes ranging from 1/10 of a gram to 5 pounds. No matter what the type of alloy or type of component, customers can expect these machines to produce components with complex configurations and tight tolerances. Furthermore, these dies can produce castings that can be easily finished and plated, and with surfaces of varying textures. Among the zinc die cast products in our repertoire include electrical hardware, lock components, lock housing, gears, and telecommunication hardware. Our team cares about quality. We have a quality management system in place that is ISO 9001 certified. Our team utilizes cutting-edge measuring equipment and quality assurance techniques to ensure that no defective product leaves the facility. From the initial concept design to the final product, Carteret has achieved success and grown into a world-class manufacturer by valuing quality products and ensuring that our customers get nothing short of the best. To learn more about how your business can experience the Carteret advantage, visit our website or give us a call.

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