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  • A&B Die Casting: Precision Die Casting

    Zinc Die Castings A&B Die Casting is a global industry leader in precision aluminum and zinc die castings. We got our start in 1945 by Ben Danthe and today we continue to be a family owned company located in Hercules, California. Read more......

  • The Method of Sand Casting

    Sand has many uses. I know it's used as a material in sand castles and CPU chips, but I never would have guessed it's used for certain types of metal casting. Actually, sand casting is the most common type of casting done today. According to a survey in 2003, seventy percent of metal castings are done by sand casting. Products made this way include metal tools, car parts and plumbing equipment. Sand is used because it can apparently withstand very high temperatures because it's a refractory material. The first step...

  • Die Cast Products

    In a 1988 paper released by NASA and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Soil Transport Implement, researchers presented an outline for the design of a component that would protect a vehicle that was being designed for moon expeditions. At that point in NASA's history, the moon landing was becoming a comparatively distant memory. The Challenger disaster was only half a decade in the past, and the Rogers Commission had determined that NASA's institutional culture was lacking and may have been responsible for the faults that contributed to the disaster. Occasionally...

  • The Importance of Die Casting Services

    The North American Die Casting Association says on its website that it considers metal casting to be America's most fundamental industry. It's not surprising that a metal casting trade association would describe die casting services as fundamentally important, and it's likely that other trade associations for other sectors of industry would dispute the NADCA's claim. But there's no denying that casting is an essential element in our industrial infrastructure. The NADCA sites some reasons for why it considers its members' products to be so important to American industry. According to...

  • Zinc Die Castings' Popularity

    Zinc is considered to be one of the most easily die cast metals. It is highly ductile, has high impact strength and minimizes die wear. For these and other reasons, zinc is a very popular die casting material. Understanding zinc's popularity as a die casting material first requires an understanding of the die casting process. Let's review that process quickly. Die casting is the process by which molten metals are forced into a die in order to give them shapes. Dies are specially-designed cavities that are designed to create specific...

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Zinc Die Castings

Zinc die castings are shaped metal products that are shaped by machines called die casters. Die casters are metal formation machinery that take raw metals, heat them and then form them into usable products. Metal castings are some of the most important industrial products in existence. They serve as essential components in manufacturing equipment, helping to operate the machinery that assembles the industrial, commercial and consumer utilities that drive economies worldwide.

Zinc is one of the many metals that are shaped into die cast products. Because of its low melting point, it is among the easiest and least expensive (in terms of die caster energy consumption) metals to die cast. Zinc die castings are applied in contexts throughout industry, commerce and even in consumer products contexts. Industrial manufacturers use zinc die cast components in their machinery. The automotive industry in particular makes extensive use of die cast zinc auto components. Zinc die castings are used in commercial settings as ornate door and cabinetry hardware. Novelty consumer products like belt buckles and medallions are commonly made of die cast zinc. Fasteners, plumbing components and door locking equipment can also be made out of die cast zinc.

Because of zinc’s low melting point, it is usually die cast using a hot chamber die casting process. Hot chamber die casting machines are a combination of a mold, pump equipment, inlet channels, heating chambers and heating elements. The zinc die casting process, like all other metal casting processes, involves heating and pressurizing the metal until it becomes molten. Once melted, the metal is forced into a mold cavity where it forms along the mold’s contours. Once the metal has taken the shape of the mold, it is allowed to cool, and it hardens as it does so. Once completely cooled and hardened, the metal is ejected from the mold as a newly die cast product. After emerging, the metal can be prepared for shipment to customers or for further processing. Zinc, because of its low melting point, can be melted and pumped by equipment without the risk of damaging the pumping equipment. Metals with higher melting points, which require higher operating temperatures for that reason, must be processed in cold chamber die caster. This is one reason why zinc can be more attractive as a raw material than aluminum or other metals with higher melting points.

Zinc Die Castings
Zinc Die Castings
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