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  • Hercules, CA

    Precision die castings plus a multitude of related services, including engineering, designing, machining, finishing and assembly, occur at A and B Die Casting. Specializing in low to medium volume solutions, we also offer competitive prices. As a manufacturer we have served the architectural lighting, computer, medical hardware and telecommunications industries.

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  • Somerset, NJ

    Magnesium is an abundant material that can be easily sourced; it is found under the earth's surface and interestingly enough in the ocean. With Magnesium being found all over the globe it makes it the perfect material to be used when casting. It is also a sturdy material that can withstand high impact.

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  • San Francisco, CA

    ZETWERK provides high quality die-cast components produced using range of materials including aluminum, zinc, copper, brass and bronze alloys. We also perform necessary secondary operations on the die-cast parts such as finish machining, surface treatment etc. ZETWERK is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified. Our die-casting plants are IATF 16949:2016 certified.

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  • Mira Loma, CA

    Precision Die Casting since 1950. Aluminum die casting and zinc die casting for aerospace, electronic, commercial industries. Turnkey operations from design or your blue print to assembly. Manufacturing services: 3D CAD, mold building, CNC milling and turning, fine finishes, assembly and JIT shipments.

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  • Terre Haute, IN

    Over the years we have realized that excellent customer service and high product quality is what keeps our customers coming back to us over and over again. We are devoted to providing the highest quality magnesium die casters in the industry. All of our products go through rigorous testing under the eyes of our quality control team before even leaving our facilities to ensure that you are getting the best product period. Call us today to learn more!

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  • Stoney Creek, ON

    Carpenter Die Casting is more than just a die-casting manufacturer; we are your reliable partner in bringing your ideas to life. With decades of experience, a dedication to quality, and a proven track record, we stand ready to contribute our expertise to your next project. Discover the Carpenter Die Casting difference – where innovation meets tradition, and excellence is our standard.

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  • Avon Lake, OH

    We specialize in producing high-quality die castings using aluminum alloys. Our extensive product line includes components for various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, appliances, and more. From intricate and complex parts to large-scale castings, we have the expertise to deliver precise and reliable solutions. With years of experience in die casting, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet our customers' specific requirements.

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Magnesium Die Castings Industry Information

Magnesium Die Castings

Die castings made out of magnesium are very lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant. Magnesium is used when weight is a factor and a light, thin product is necessary. It is a non-ferrous metal that exhibits good soundproofing, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. It is easily alloyed with other metals and considered nontoxic in its pure form.

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Applications of Magnesium Die Castings

The automotive, electronics, military, and aerospace industries use magnesium die cast products in many applications.

These applications include:

  • Housing and Interior Components for Computers and Electronics
  • EMI Enclosures
  • Small Parts for Electronic Equipment
  • Steering Wheel Armatures
  • Crash-Engineered Vehicle Parts
  • Power Tools
  • Loudspeakers
  • Office Electronics
  • Laptops
  • Cell Phone Handsets

Since they are so lightweight, magnesium die castings are often used in the construction of automobiles and airplanes, lightening their weight and thus making them faster and reducing their fuel consumption. Also, electronics and computer equipment casings become light and easily portable when constructed with magnesium.

Process of Magnesium Die Casting

The magnesium ingots (raw pellets or scraps) used in die casting are first heated to 150° C and then fed into the holding pot, where they are then heated until molten. Once in liquid form, the magnesium is fed into the shot sleeve by a plunger, which comes into direct contact with the metal. Under high pressure, the magnesium is forced into the mold, coating it completely and evenly. This process can be accomplished with much more ease than it can when casting other metals because magnesium exhibits such a high flow rate. Once solidified, the newly formed part is ejected when a clamping unit releases. If any scrap metal is produced, it can easily be recycled.

Benefits of Using Magnesium Die Castings

Die cast magnesium products are a silvery-white color and can be very thin, since magnesium has excellent flow characteristics. It also has 2/3 the density of aluminum, making it much more popular and cost effective. Magnesium is one of the easiest metals to machine. It has a low melting point and is a hot chamber die-cut, which is a continuous-flow, efficient process; it is much faster than cold chamber die casting. Molten magnesium will not erode or damage the holding pot, plunger, or cylinder. It is the only lightweight metal able to undergo high pressure die casting, which produces very complex parts.

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