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Burkert Fluid Control Systems is recognized as a growing supplier of highly innovated products. We are on the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in our industry and our products utilize creative designs which results in maximum proficiency. Our company offers a comprehensive line of solenoid valves, pneumatics, sensors, transmitters, controllers, proportional valves, control valves and more. Burkert Fluid Control Systems is proud to be a global supplier of these value-added systems and our company has branches in 35 countries around the world. Our large network of partners effectively reaches out to offer products and services to every country on the globe. Burkert Fluid Control Systems is continuously producing cutting edge technology. Our company has made a commitment to manufacturing the most highly sophisticated and trustworthy systems. As a leading developer of ball valve design, we put a focus on researching the most effective water devices taking key factors such as flow, temperature, pH, level, pressure and conductivity into consideration. Our ball valves are ideal in a variety of pressure conditions from 0 PSI to 362 PSI. Our systems come in various configurations and our experts are able to assist customers with finding the most beneficial products. Even though Burkert Fluid Control Systems is a global supplier, we take a user-orientated service approach to our customers. Our teams will tailor our processes to create unique solutions if our customers require. Our experts will assist with complete system reconstruction and by accurately examining a facility these crews will make individual recommendations based upon the particular needs of the facility. Over the years many customers have learned to trust the products from Burkert Fluid Control Systems. For more product or company information please visit our website or give a representative a call!


Bürkert releases new flowmeters for high volume gases

Burkert has manufactured two new flowmeters which use the calorimetric principle of flow measurement.

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New water control and analysis system from Burkert offers multi-functions and simplicity with novel plug-in Sensor Cubes

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has a new solution for performing, monitoring, and analysis tasks for water processing. Read this article to learn more about it!

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Burkert Plans New Manufacturing Facility in Huntersville

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has announced plans to develop an advanced manufacturing facility in Huntersville, NC. Read more about it here!

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Fluid control, design and manufacturing expertise from Bürkert now available direct to OEMs

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is making its entire design and manufacturing expertise available to OEMs to help them produce more cost effective and reliable products.

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Burkert: Developing intelligent control for food processors

Burkert Fluid Control Systems is working on developing intelligent control for food processors. Check out this article to learn more about their work!

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Teisseire Use Bürkert Smart Valve Control to Improve Fruit Syrup Production

Read this article to learn about Burkert’s Smart Valve Control helping improve fruit syrup production for a leading French manufacturer.

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Bürkert presents new Type 8741 MFC/MFM for gases in industrial processes

Burkert Fluid Controls Systems introduces a new flow meter for gases in industrial processes. Read this article to learn more about the new flow meter!

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Burkert Fluid Control Systems new facility breaks ground

Burkert Fluid Control Systems broke ground on their new facility in Huntersville! This new facility will sit on 98 acres of land! Read more about it here!

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New Micro Valve Introduced For Pharmaceutical Fluid Control Systems

Burket Fluid Control Systems releases a new valve for pharmaceutical fluid control systems for better efficiency and overall value of the product.

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Bürkert presents a flexible alternative to solenoid valves

Take a look at Burkerts new alternative to solenoid valves.

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Self-Clean Module Gives Safer Drinking Water

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems announces an automatic cleaning module for safe and efficient drinking water production. Compatible with its current system.

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Virtual Water Treatment Works Showcases Products and Solutions

Bürkert has announced the launch of its new Virtual Water Treatment Works. The virtual site shows products in the context of their application.

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Bürkert Dishes Up New Emerging Food Preservation Technology

Bürkert details some of the innovative food preservation technologies. Methods include ohmic heating, high pressure processing, and pulsed light processing.

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Bürkert Adds to Shut-Off Valve Range

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has introduced two new types of electromotive process valves to its range of actuator components.

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Reverse Osmosis System from Bürkert Products

Experts from Bürkert fluid control systems, manufacturers of measurement and control systems, demonstrated a reverse osmosis system at IFAT in Munich.

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Bürkert Offers Two-Way Bellows Control Valve

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has introduced a hygienic two-way bellows control valve for small flow rates for a number of applications.

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Bürkert Online Analysis Measures Chlorine Dioxide

Bürkert has expanded the Type MS02 sensor cube for the Type 8905 Online Analysis System, offering precise monitoring of drinking water disinfection.

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MultiMFC Gas Box with Touchscreen Display

The MultiMFC Gas Box incorporates precision gas metering, flexible configuration, the latest network communication technology, and a simple user interface.

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Bürkert Presents New Capabilities for Automation and Monitoring

Click here to learn about the Bürkert Type ME24 I/O modules and the Type 8922 graphical programming f(x) for process monitoring and decentralized control.

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Bürkert and Siemens Combine Expertise to Produce New Valve Island

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems and Siemens have collaborated to produce the new Type 8647 AirLINE SP valve island. Learn more here.

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Analysis Device Created by Design Partnership

Collaboration between a fluid control manufacturer and a producer of analysis equipment resulted in the design of a new cost-effective dosing unit.

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Bürkert: Taking Control of Automation in the Food & Beverage Sector

Bürkert offers the widest range of equipment to actuate, monitor, network, position and decentralise process control into the field.

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Burkert Appoints New Account Manager for Ireland

Burkert Fluid Control Systems has appointed Damien Moran as a dedicated account manager for Ireland.

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