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Packaging Equipment & Supplies

Packaging can refer to either the process of constructing packages or the actual packing of a product into a container. Packaging equipment makes the distribution process easier through the automation of tasks that previously would have been manual, such as contract sewing or die cutting. Packaging equipment manufacturers offer labeling machinery, machine vision systems, marking machinery, palletizers and more. Not only does the packaging equipment effectively sort and package materials but the process is designed to protect the materials from unwanted containments or becoming damaged.

Due to the industrialization of packaging, packaging supply chains are often utilized to create extremely organized packaging equipment systems that move parts and packaging supplies such as plastic bags and corrugated boxes through various stages quickly and efficiently. There is a high demand for industrial packaging supplies such as plastic trays, clamshells and blister packs. These solutions are used in industries such as commercial, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical and electronics, packaging and shipping supplies are commonly made from plastic materials such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride.

Assembly Machinery Manufacturers

Assembly Machinery – Vac-U-MaxAssembly machinery is a large category of machinery that encompasses all computerized machines used in the manufacturing industry. One of the biggest perks to using these machines is the brief amount of human contact required to run one. Therefore, assembly machinery is more cost effective then a machining system that requires constant surveillance.

Assembly machinery is used in the production, assembly and packaging areas of the manufacturing industry. Assembly lines use automation equipment for all parts of making a product and getting it ready to ship, usually with a computerized machine for each step of production. Computer controlled machines are also referred to as CNC machines, specifically CNC manufacturing when they are programmed to produce sellable goods.

Leading Assembly Machinery Manufacturers

Lansing, MI | 517-321-7700

Belleville, NJ | 800-822-8629

Fusion Systems Group
Willoughby, OH | 800-626-9501

Erie, PA | 800-345-4946

Central Machines, Inc.
Lincolnshire, IL | 847-634-6900

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Contract Packaging Providers

Contract Companies – GSH Industries, Inc.Contract packaging is a service where a company will package products for another company. Proper packaging is an essential step in the distributing process of any manufacturer and some industries have a number of very strict packaging requirements. For example the food/beverage and medical industries are required to comply with a set of regulations to ship their items. In some situations companies may not be able to properly equipped with the equipment to meet these requirements so a contract packaging company can then be utilized to adequately package the materials.

Leading Contract Packaging Providers

Jonco Industries, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI | 800-236-7311

Valk Industries, Inc.
Greeneville, TN | 423-638-1284

MARC, Inc.
Hendersonville, NC | 828-595-2995

Aaron Thomas Company, Inc.
Garden Grove, CA | 800-394-4776

Western Innovations
Denver, CO | 800-262-6789

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Labeling Machinery Manufacturers

Label Printing Machines – Elmark Packaging, Inc.Labeling machinery is the term used to describe any equipment involved in the process of producing labels or affixing them to products. This equipment includes printers, applicators, dispensers and many other label making and applying systems. Labeling machinery has applications in many industries, including, among others, agriculture, chemical and laboratory, electronics, food and beverage, home and office, pharmaceuticals, and packaging. Industries like these use both individual labeling components and fully integrated labeling systems. Labeling machinery may be as simple as handheld label or barcode printers, or as involved as systems that incorporate microprocessors and/or computer software.

Leading Labeling Machinery Manufacturers

Dalemark® Industries Inc.
Lakewood, NJ | 732-367-3100

Creative Labels
Gilroy, CA | 408-842-0376

Crystal Vision Packaging
Torrance, CA | 800-331-3240

Dartronics, Inc.
Perth Amboy, NJ | 800-298-8936

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Marking Machinery Manufacturers

Etching Marking Machinery – Telesis Technologies, Inc.Marking machinery refers to a variety of machines that are used to implement images, logos, identification codes, part numbers, hazardous symbols and much more. Marking machines are ideal for adding a uniform system to a workplace and there are several logistical benefits associated with marking machinery. These machines offer a number of different part marking styles such as hot stamping, plasma etching, laser marking, dot peen and more. The type of marking equipment that should be selected for a situation is based upon the surface type and application.

Leading Marking Machinery Manufacturers

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc.
Santa Clarita, CA | 888-629-4805

Sprinter Marking, Inc.
Zanesville, OH | 740-453-1000

Dalemark® Industries Inc.
Lakewood, NJ | 732-367-3100

Ace Laser Tek, Inc.
Deerfield, IL | 847-537-4202

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Packaging Equipment Manufacturers

AGV Systems – Savant Automation, Inc.Packaging equipment refers to the various types of machinery used in the process of enclosing or protecting products and materials for the purposes of storage, sale, distribution and use. Also known as packaging machinery, packaging equipment is used to automate the packaging process, reducing labor time and cost as well as increasing process efficiency.

Leading Packaging Equipment Manufacturers

Möllers North America, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI | 616-942-6504

American-Newlong, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN | 317-787-9421

Frain Industries, Inc.
Carol Stream, IL | 630-629-9900

Ouellette Machinery Systems Inc.
Fenton, MO | 800-545-7619

Hai Tech Lasers, Inc.
Santa Clarita, CA | 888-629-4805

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Palletizer Manufacturers

Floor level palletizer machine – Columbia Machine, Inc.Palletizers, sometimes called “case pickers,” are machines specifically designed to load and unload pallets before and after shipping and during storage. More often than not, distribution and manufacturing plants use automated and robotic palletizers, rather than manual ones, for loading and unloading. Automatic and robotic palletizers have many qualities that elevate them above manual palletizers, such load stability, precision, operation speed and fewer associated worker injuries. In addition to taking away injury risk by repeatedly lifting, rotating and wrenching packages on their own, many varieties come equipped with QuickSTOP collision sensors and Smartscan work cell perimeter guards. These measures not only increase safety, but boost productivity. They may deal with a variety of products, or may be designed to work with only one, as is the case with drum palletizers, bottle palletizers and case palletizers. Some large-scale centers also use depallatizers to unload packages, as well as equipment accessories like pallet dispensers, which are devices that dispense or feed empty pallets to conveyors, and load transfer stations, which are systems set up to transfer loads from one pallet to another without disassembling.

Leading Palletizer Manufacturers

Möllers North America, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI | 616-942-6504

Columbia Machine, Inc.
Vancouver, WA | 800-628-4065

American-Newlong, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN | 317-787-9421

Chantland MHS
Dakota City, IA | 515-332-4045

Ouellette Machinery Systems Inc.
Fenton, MO | 800-545-7619

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Plastic Bag Manufacturers

Clear Poly Bags – Four Star PlasticsPlastic bags are extremely versatile containers or carriers made of thin and often flexible polymeric films. Used to store, transport, ship and package goods in a number of industrial, commercial and residential applications, baggies such as these prove very useful as they are most often waterproof and provide some degree of protection from the elements. Commonly referred to as poly bags, the containers are constructed of processed polymer resins.

Leading Plastic Bag Manufacturers

Multi-Pak USA, Inc.
Dacula, GA | 800-229-9950

Custom Poly Packaging
Fort Wayne, IN | 800-548-6603

Four Star Plastics
Beltsville, MD | 888-999-7961

Diversified Plastics & Packaging, Inc.
Sumter, SC | 800-959-1337

Champion Plastics
Clifton, NJ | 800-526-1230

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Tape Suppliers

SpecialtyTapes.comTape, made of long strips of adhesive material, is primarily used for a wide range of binding and fastening applications, though it has several other applications as well. To make their product, tape suppliers engage is a fairly simple process called coating, wherein adhesive is applied to a carrier material. The carrier material may be any one of a collection of moderately thin and flexible materials, such as metal foils, paper tissues, cloth or films.

There are three main methods of coating: water-based coating, solvent coating and hot-melt coating. Water-based coating solutions are made by mixing the adhesive with water to form emulsions, or small, suspended globs of one of the liquids in the other. After the solution is made, it is simply coated on. In solvent coating, a solvent is used to dissolve the adhesive and thereby create a comparably non-viscous liquid, which is coated onto the carrier material. After the material has been coated, suppliers remove the solvent by passing the tape through a heated oven. The hot-melt coating process is performed in the way that its name suggests; the adhesive is heated until it reaches its melting point, and then it coats the carrier material as a hot liquid. After coating, the tape only need cool to become a finished product.

Leading Tape Suppliers

Carolina Tape & Supply Corporation
Hickory, NC | 800-237-6079

CS Hyde Company
Lake Villa, IL | 800-461-4161

ABI Tape
Moorestown, NJ | 856-778-0700

Western Container Corp.
Beloit, WI | 800-393-7917

Tape Solutions, Inc.
Austin, TX | 866-203-4609

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Work Bench Manufacturers

Workstation Furniture – Pro-lineWorkbenches and work stations are equipment or furnishings that create an efficient space in which people perform a set of specific duties, whether in offices, plants or manufacturing processes. Ergonomic workstation design remains important in order for workers to accomplish given tasks effectively. Workstations and work benches are manufactured for a variety of facilities and processes; industrial workstations and industrial workbenches provide workspace for machinists, assembly workers and many other industrial manufacturing processes.

Leading Work Bench Manufacturers

IAC Industries
Brea, CA | 714-990-8997

RDM Industrial Products Inc.
Milpitas, CA | 877-777-9130

Belleville, NJ | 800-822-8629

Wayzata, MN952-404-1969

Los Angeles, CA | 888-929-0322

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