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  • Dot Peen Machines: Why We Identify

    Whether it is each individual product in the pile of groceries in my shopping cart, the packages of medications that arrive in the pharmacy from the pharmaceutical companies or the car parts that together enable my car to function, product identification is everywhere. As mass production has increased, a need to clearly label each product from a commercial selling point as well as a manufacturer's tracking purposes has risen. A simple and inexpensive way to achieve this is imprinting each product before it leaves the manufacturing factory. Dot peen machines...

  • Consider a Dot Peen Machine

    Dot Peen Marking is also referred to as micropercussion technology, which, I have to admit, makes me picture a miniature Keith Moon going to town on an auto part with tiny little drumsticks. And there is definite rhythm involved in this process, as dot peen machines repeatedly deliver fast, flexible, and consistent marks without applying too much force to the surface of the part. This process can be used to impress 2D Data Matrix codes, logos quickly and efficiently. When compared to other methods of permanent mark making, the dot...

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Dot Peen Machines

Dot peen marking machines are a type of marking machine, which is a machine used to leave marks on the surface of objects and materials for the sake of identification, tracking, design or the impartation of other information. Some other types of marking techniques include: embossing, engraving, etching, electrochemical etching, hot stamping, scribing, coining, abrasive blasting, laser marking, press rolling, rotary marking, roll marking, stylus marking and inkjet printing. Dot peen marking machines leave their mark using the process of dot peening. Dot peening is an impact marking technique that uses a multiple axis marker stylus in order to imprint identifying marks onto the surface of a material. Their primary function is to provide identifiers for products via marks including: bar codes, 2D codes, custom labels, custom graphics and alphanumeric characters. These marking machines are popular for use in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, international transportation, manufacturing and medicine. In the aerospace and automotive industries, they are used to impact castings, metal tags and individual parts. In manufacturing, dot peen marking machines are often integrated into existing automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines, and they are also sometimes installed as a part of test stations. In the medical industry, dot peen markers are used to add identification to plastic molded parts and other products, such as surgical instruments. Of all of these industries, dot peening continues makes the greatest impact on aerospace, international travel and medicine, as product identification is of the utmost importance to them.

Dot peening marking systems participate in a process known as permanent direct marking (PDM), which is a process in which a marking machine leaves the material with a small depression in which color can later be added. To impart these depressions on a surface, or “peen” a surface, dot peening machines use a metal pin that is moved by air pressure. To work, air pressure drives the pin into the surface material, creating a small indentation, then quickly releases it, lets it move and then drives it into the material again. In this way, the dot peening machine, which is typically driven pneumatically, is able to create a series of closely spaced indents or dots. Dot peen marking machines can impart these depressions on all sorts of materials, including some hard woods and plastics. However, the process is most successful when used on metals with a hardness in the range of 62 on the Rockwell scale.

Manufacturers usually make dots using one of three main types of dot peen marking machines. These are bench-mounted peen machines, portable peen machines and integrated peen machines. First, bench-mounted peen machines, also known as column-mounted peen machines, are stationary, permanently placed peen machines. Because they have the ability to mark parts ranging from small to medium in size, they are a practical and highly efficient choice for use with large production orders. They are not, however, the best machine for the marking of large and/or heavy parts. That distinction goes to portable dot peen machines, which offer the great advantage of maneuverability. Instead of trying to lug awkwardly shaped, large or heavy parts over to mounted machines, manufacturers can just bring wheel portable peen machines over to them. The final type of dot peen machine, the integrated dot peen machine, is the most practical and adaptable machine of all. Integrated dot peen marking machines can be combined, or integrated, with existing assembly lines. Thus, they offer modularity and allow the streamlining of diverse production processes.

In this day and age, properly coded and identified products are incredibly important. A lost product can be incredibly inconvenient, and a part improperly installed due to misidentification can spell disaster. In addition, those parts and products that will delivered to the United States military or defense must comply with the Item Unique Identification marking requirements of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). This requirement dictates that tangible assets delivered to the DoD must be marked with a physical mark per their specifications. Other industries have similar standards for product identification marks. For these reasons, dot peen marking machines are an incredibly important part of any production line or process. To find out if a dot peen marking machine is right for you, you must contact a knowledgeable marking machine manufacturer. For the best service and best overall results, turn to one of the many excellent manufacturers partnered with IQS. Start your journey by browsing the websites of those listed on this page. Get started today; they can’t wait to work with you.

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