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  • Zanesville, OH

    Sprinter Marking manufactures inline and offline marking machinery. These coders make these types of marks: date and product coding, expiration date, sell-by and use-by dates, dot or spot marks, logos or symbols and pricing. Porous and nonporous surfaces can be marked.

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  • Lakewood, NJ

    When it comes to part marking we are your premier source! For over a half of a century we have been manufacturing top of the line marking machinery. All of our products go through testing to further ensure that they will be able to offer a long lasting value that you can depend on. For over fifty years we have made it our goal to offer the latest and greatest in marking machinery. Allow us to prove our expertise to you by calling or emailing us today to get started!

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  • Golden, CO

    Epilog Laser specializes in laser marking systems, CO2 lasers, diode lasers, laser cutting machines & systems for laser engraving like tabletop engravers, mid-sized engravers & large-format engraving systems. We have offered laser technology since 1988 and are the leader in CO2 & fiber laser systems.

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  • Detroit, MI

    We offer a range of marking systems such as ink marking machines. Available are hand-held markers and automatic marking machines, contact and non-contact marking systems plus permanent and water-based inks. We offer custom-made products and supplies if standard ink or machinery doesn't fit your needs.

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  • Bloomfield, CT

    Dapra® Marking Systems manufactures computerized dot-peen marking machinery devices, laser marking and engraving systems for industrial marking equipment in permanent inventory situations. DMS's systems are state-of-the-art and produce clear, permanent identification and accurate traceability.

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Markings and Engravings for Father's Day

Part Marking In today's day and age, everyone has a lot of stuff. Nearly everyone I know has at least a cell phone and an Ipod. On top of this most college students need laptop computers and televisions. Then there are the small gadgets like kindles, nooks, Ipads, cameras and so much more. Especially when it comes to electronics we want to be careful and protect the items we have because they are not usually cheap. One method that is becoming popular with many of these is to engrave them.... Read More

Labeling and Part Marking

When I was younger, my parents got a labeler. I thought it was the coolest thing in the entire world! Finally, I could print of a nifty little sticker with my name on it and stick once to basically everything I owned so that my sister would recognize what was hers and what was mine. For school it was also nice because I could put it on my calculator, folders and notebooks, distinguishing them from each other and from all the other students. Marking items in this way can be... Read More

Part Marking Materials

Although we are not aware of it, as consumers we are surrounded by part marking and the fruits of the marking machine labors. Majority of the products manufactured en mass have been marked in some fashion to identify them, be it an individual code for tracking, pricing purposes or a general logo that its makers did not want to be removed. Just from where I am sitting I can see numerous products that have been part marked. The office phone and attachments all have printed markings that could have been... Read More

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Part Marking

Part marking is the process of engraving, etching, or otherwise marking a design, image, logo or identification code of a manufacturer on a product or part. Part marking uses a broad range of machinery and techniques including: dot peen machines which utilize an impact method of marking leaving an impression on the surface, laser markers which use laser radiation to mark parts, and embossing and engraving machines for more traditional methods of part marking.

Product identification marks are becoming increasingly important in the industrial world for a number of reasons. Firstly, part marking allows businesses to reduce counterfeiting by utilizing product identification, and by checking manufacturer’s identification codes or seals. Furthermore, the process of traceability and ensuring the accountability of the manufacturer is becoming increasingly necessary for both local and export purposes. Today, most businesses in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries will refuse to consider purchasing inadequately marked products from suppliers. Another reason for part marking is that customer recognition grows due to the increased visibility of a company’s logo or design on its product components. Part marking is also able to assign value to products, for example jewelry, that can have a wide range of values without an easily noticeable physical difference. This process is becoming more common and many everyday products, like promotional gifts, plaques or engine parts, are now typically identified by marking machines.

The most common marking material is metal, but part marking machinery is able to mark other materials such as paper, plastic, wood, leather, glass, fabric and textiles. Credit cards, jewelry, writing utensils, packaging, greeting cards, wood trim and glass sculptures represent the wide range of materials on which marking machinery systems are used. Non-intrusive methods of part marking are necessary for parts used in safety and critical applications such as aircraft or medical equipment. Dot peen marking or embossing may not be the wisest part marking method of choice because of the disruption caused to the surface of the product. Other choices to consider include the reasons for the part – if for commercial purposes, it is important that the code or logo or design be easily visible to the consumer. If the mark is for authenticity or verification purposes however, it does not need to be easily visible, and tends to be in a discreet place. The permanency of the part identification mark tends to depend on the intended life span of the product and the context of its use, and this will be a factor in determining which process to use when marking the part.

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