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    Hot Stamping Machines As the search for Green and environmentally friendly technologies continues, we can hope to see new methods and initiatives become available to all industries. And marking machinery is no exception. The technology and opportunities are out there, it is just a matter of finding the one that will work. So, what do you think about the idea of hydraulic roll markers? Well, that does not sound like a bad place to start. Hydraulics in general have been becoming more popular for their ability to be a more...

  • How to Design a Roll Marking Machine

    Roll marking is a very specific style of marking machinery that looks distinctly different from any other piece of machinery in the category, because of the large rollers that do the marking and must be set up at just the right angles. All machines must be very carefully engineered, whether they are for roll marking, laser markers, hot stamping machines or equipment unrelated to the marking industry. Factors such as dimensions, tolerances and orientation of all the pieces must be carefully mapped out before the metal material is even purchased...

  • The Foil-Rific Hot Stamping Machines

    Many styles of marking machines are on the market today since so many companies now utilize the product identification system. Marking machines use a various techniques to apply numbers, letters or artistic designs to products in the manufacturing industry, usually to allow the company to organize the products and track them. Marking the product material directly is more efficient and fast then printing out separate labels and then applying them, which is also why marking machines such as the hot stamping machine, dot peen machine and embossing machine have grown...

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Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a dry process that applies a foil or multi-colored foil image by using a hot die and a sheet of stamping foil or film. Hot stamping uses either a single-colored foil to apply a shiny metallic print or a pre-printed heat transfer to apply multiple colors at one time.

Hot stamping is a thermal bonding process and achieves permanent adherence between the surface material and the foil, and the resulting image can withstand some harsh conditions while remaining legible, making it an ideal process for the purposes of product identification. The marking tools used include a die, or sculpted metal design, which is used in the process of hot-stamping and is typically made form a metals such as copper, brass or steel. The die is heated and then pressed down on a piece of foil above the material being stamped. The heat causes the foil to adhere to the material’s surface in the pattern or image of the die. The quality of the stamped image depends on a number of factors – the heat of the die and the length of time the stamp is used for, as well as the amount of pressure applied all affect the image. Material compatibility also needs to be considered. The process of hot stamping cannot be used with some materials that cannot maintain their properties under the heat and pressure of a stamping die. Other materials may be resistant to adhering to the foil stamp and therefore hot stamping would be ineffective. It is important to adequately support the material being marked, hot stamping requires a great amount of pressure and the consistency with which it is applied to a surface will affect the quality of the finished product.

Industries which utilize the part marking process of hot stamping include aerospace, automotive, biotech, cable and electrical and construction. Items such as HVAC systems, control panels, microwaves and semi-conductors use foil stamping in one form or another, as do common consumer applications such as greeting card and book covers, award ribbons, phone cards, poker chips, and many other products. Hot stamping is clean, fast, and dry and uses no inks or solvents, allowing it to be recognized as a sustainable and environmentally friendly procedure. Furthermore, no knowledge of chemicals is required as there are none used in the marking process. There are no gases or fumes emitted from the labeling or stamping, and apart from the heat required to heat up the die and power the stamping press, there is little energy consumed by stamping. The three major types of hot stamping are vertical stamping, roll-on, and peripheral decorating. Vertical stamping applies stamp foil or heat transfers to a flat area or up to 90 degrees of a cylindrical area. Roll-on hot stamping works best for flat, large-area surfaces. Peripheral decorating, in comparison, is used to decorate the perimeter of a part, up to 360 degrees.

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