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  • From Little League to Aerospace

    Product Identification As the Little League season starts to wind down and All-Stars quickly begins for girl's softball and boy's baseball, it is time to start handing out awards to the winning teams. I was lucky enough to play softball and many other sports when I was young. Softball however was not my favorite as I remember spending a lot of time kicking dirt at third base or ripping up grass in the outfield, anxiously waiting for a ball to come my way which never happened. But it was exciting...

  • Product Identification for Various Industries

    In our culture of mass production, product identification has become necessary for tracking purposes as well as other organizational reasons. Some industries require this process and the marking machines that implement the ids more than others. In general, any manufacturing company practices product identification to track their products, organizing where and how many are shipped out, as well as providing an easy system to identify products that malfunction and such. Automotive part production, aerospace, marine and other vehicle manufacturers such as farming equipment all use product identification systems. Two major...

  • Lasers and Product Identification

    Marking machinery is important for countless industries around the world. It can help identify production pieces, small parts from one another, serial numbers and so much more. One industry in particular that it can help with is the medical industry. And a new development with the laser marker might make product marking even more important in the industry in the near future. According to the website Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing, the USDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has been working on a new proposal that will require a...

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Product Identification

Product identification is the process of labeling or marking parts and components for the purposes of quality control and tracking. Identification marks in the form of numbers, logos, seals or designs, are embossed, etched, stamped or printed on many different surfaces by marking machinery, attributing the product to a manufacturer or producer.

Product identification marks are becoming more important in the industrial world for a number of reasons. Firstly, the process of product identification allows businesses to reduce counterfeiting by checking the manufacturer’s codes and seals. Product identification marks are placed on a part by the manufacturer and can then be verified by the purchaser to ensure part authenticity. The process of traceability and the accountability of the manufacturer is becoming increasingly necessary for both local and export trading purposes. Today, most businesses in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries will refuse to consider purchasing inadequately marked products from suppliers as there is a lack of guarantee for the origin and quality of the part. Another important reason for the existence of product identification is that customer recognition grows due to the increased visibility of a company’s logo or design on its part components. This process is becoming more common and many everyday products, like promotional gifts, jewelry or engine parts, are now typically marked by marking machines.

The permanency of the product identification mark tends to depend on the intended life span of the product and the context of its use, and this will be a factor in determining which process to use. Marking machines employ many techniques, including: laser marking, press marking, roll marking, dot peen marking, stylus marking, and numbering using marking tools such as steel stamps and scribers. Laser markers use laser radiation with either a scribe or stencil system to create designs. Press marking uses a hydraulic ram to create an impression on a part. Roll marking can be used for either round or flat parts, and rollers or type holders press designs into the part or material. Rotary marking is used for circular parts, and marking is done on a rotating carrier. Stylus marking uses many sizes of marking heads to create an image, and nameplate marking uses an impression method to press lettering into a plate. Marking systems may be designed for manual use when the marking needs are low-volume and more simple. For high-volume product identification needs, marking systems or machines may be integrated into automated systems. Automation of the product identification process will also ensure consistency throughout the labeling of the parts.

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