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  • Zanesville, OH

    Sprinter Marking manufactures inline and offline marking machinery. These coders make these types of marks: date and product coding, expiration date, sell-by and use-by dates, dot or spot marks, logos or symbols and pricing. Porous and nonporous surfaces can be marked.

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  • Lakewood, NJ

    When it comes to marking tools we have a reputation for offering only the best! This is a reputation that we strive to uphold long into the future! Our talented teams of designers and engineers will work closely with you to come up with a custom designed product that will fulfill all of your specific requirements. Visit our website to learn more about what we may be able to do for you or contact us via telephone or email to get started!

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  • Golden, CO

    Epilog Laser specializes in laser marking systems, CO2 lasers, diode lasers, laser cutting machines & systems for laser engraving like tabletop engravers, mid-sized engravers & large-format engraving systems. We have offered laser technology since 1988 and are the leader in CO2 & fiber laser systems.

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  • Detroit, MI

    We offer a range of marking systems such as ink marking machines. Available are hand-held markers and automatic marking machines, contact and non-contact marking systems plus permanent and water-based inks. We offer custom-made products and supplies if standard ink or machinery doesn't fit your needs.

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  • Bloomfield, CT

    Dapra® Marking Systems manufactures computerized dot-peen marking machinery devices, laser marking and engraving systems for industrial marking equipment in permanent inventory situations. DMS's systems are state-of-the-art and produce clear, permanent identification and accurate traceability.

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Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation

Marking Tools Lasers can be found in all sorts of industries. The name stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation, but laser rolls off the tongue much easier. They can be found in medicine, military, law enforcement, research, light displays and industrial contexts. They are involved in skin treatment, missile defense, fingerprint detection, light shoes and part marking. Lasers work by emitting light, or electromagnetic radiation, through optical amplification. This entire process is based on the stimulated emission of photons. What the tool is most admired for is its... Read More

A Touch of the Old World Charm

Marking Tools In an age that embraces metal and plastic, while splashing bright colors or basic black and white across every building, home and product, a person can feel disconnected from the natural world. That is why wooden objects, whether they are furniture or decor, are prized by those who crave an old world charm. What makes these pieces even more pleasing to the eye, and reminiscent of an age when detail was elegant and flowing, are the designs engraved into them by engraving systems. A wooden music box, a... Read More

New Ways to Create Masterpieces

In a way, you would assume that as time went on engravings would become even more extravagant than they were in the past. Sculptures from Greece, antique wooden tables, armor and jewelry would be more intricate and exquisite than before. Sadly, in most cases this is not the case. Our generation has become more about quantity and bargains, no longer finding the reason to buy a detailed, hand-carved end table when they can buy one for ten dollars at Target. In many ways this mindset makes logical sense, but in... Read More

Marking Tools: Equipment Variety

If a product needs to be etched, printed or engraved then a marking tool is used to accomplish the task. Marking tools may refer to the equipment used to mark materials or it is a phrase that may refer to the actual tools attached to the equipment that make the various types of permanent marks. Either way, marking tools obviously play a major role in the marking machinery industry. Manufacturing industries, such as those producing medical, dental, automotive, commercial, aerospace, electronic and even industrial products require marking tools for a... Read More

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Marking Devices

Marking tools include a wide range of products which are used as part of marking systems to create images, designs and impressions on materials ranging from metal, glass and plastic to stone, wood, leather and textiles. Marking can be used for a variety of purposes, including decorative and aesthetic, labeling and product identification uses, placing of logos or manufacturer information and many other purposes.

Choosing the most suitable marking device for a product depends entirely on what the device will be expected to accomplish and the material which it is to mark. Marking devices can include presses, laser markers, nameplate presses, stylus marking devices, roll or rotary marking devices, hot stamping machines, and plasma etching machinery. Chemical marking and industrial inkjet printing devices are also available. For intricate and more delicate marking operations, a handheld marking tool can be used in the form of a stylus or engraving tool, or a hand stamping tool. Handheld marking tools do not have the uniform consistency of automated machines but in applications such as engravings and jewelry can achieve a higher level of precision and detail. With such a wide range of marking devices available, one can be found to integrate into many industrial applications.

The different marking devices use many methods to achieve the final desired mark on a surface or part. Marking presses typically use air to rapidly move a ram to create enough pressure to indent a material, while hydraulic pressure slowly squeezes an impression into a part. Nameplate presses may be operated manually or mechanically and also use pressure to produce a stamped design on a plate. Laser marking devices use a variety of laser wavelengths to inscribe designs on a number of materials or parts, and this is a very common and effective method of marking and is used widely. Stylus marking devices are those in which a number of stylus "heads" rapidly punch a design into a part. Dot peen machines similarly use a pin which creates a series of dots in an identifying pattern or shape on the surface of an object. Hot-stamping devices apply a colored foil or multi-colored image through the pressure of a hot die. Plasma etching devices use a high-speed stream of plasma which is shot in pulses at a metal. Chemical marking devices use electrolytes which react with certain metals to create a flat image on the metal's surface. Inkjet devices spray ink onto the surface of a product, marking it with barcodes, labels, and any other design that may be needed.

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