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  • Zanesville, OH

    Sprinter Marking manufactures inline and offline marking machinery. These coders make these types of marks: date and product coding, expiration date, sell-by and use-by dates, dot or spot marks, logos or symbols and pricing. Porous and nonporous surfaces can be marked.

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  • Lakewood, NJ

    At Dalemark Industries, we welcome the opportunity to apply the knowledge and experience gained over nearly half a century to your present and future coding and labeling requirements. From engraving machines to so much more, we have the expertise to locate or create exactly what you need. For additional information on our extensive line of products and services, call today.

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  • Golden, CO

    Epilog Laser specializes in laser marking systems, CO2 lasers, diode lasers, laser cutting machines & systems for laser engraving like tabletop engravers, mid-sized engravers & large-format engraving systems. We have offered laser technology since 1988 and are the leader in CO2 & fiber laser systems.

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  • Detroit, MI

    We offer a range of marking systems such as ink marking machines. Available are hand-held markers and automatic marking machines, contact and non-contact marking systems plus permanent and water-based inks. We offer custom-made products and supplies if standard ink or machinery doesn't fit your needs.

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  • Bloomfield, CT

    Dapra® Marking Systems manufactures computerized dot-peen marking machinery devices, laser marking and engraving systems for industrial marking equipment in permanent inventory situations. DMS's systems are state-of-the-art and produce clear, permanent identification and accurate traceability.

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The Metal Engraver and the Jewelry Industry

Engraving Machines Every industry has its "go to" tool that never fails to serve the manufacturer using it well. In the jewelry industry, that tool would have to be the metal engraver. Available in both a hand-held model for homemade jewelry as well as incorporated into machinery that mass produces metallic accessories, metal engravers are a special type of marking machinery. Able to engrave a metal surface with words or designs, the limitations of a metal engraver number only two. First, it is not used to cut through a surface... Read More

The Laser Markers Precision

Engraving Machines Marking machines have not been around horribly long in their current automatic state. Originally all etching was done by hand and therefore mass production was not an option. The industrial age brought machines into play, which changed the face of manufacturing; it moved from small individual businesses to factories where many of the same items were created. With an increase in product numbers, an identification system needed to be developed, and marking machines were born. There are many varieties of styles, the most recent of which is the... Read More

Engraving Machines: Artistic Control

There are certain industries that practice a version of the traditional form of marking machinery, which was once hand crafted engraving. Work by hand is not found in mass production any longer, since it would not be efficient enough or fast enough to be financially worthwhile. However, a similar effect can be achieved on a large scale with engraving equipment. These machines are used for more artistic ventures as well as the general function of production identification most marking machine equipment is employed for. Industries that use versions of these... Read More

Engraving Machines in Important Applications

Whether for artistic detail in signage and nameplates or for product traceability and parts tracking, engraving is used in a number of important industrial applications. Traceability is especially important in the aerospace and automotive industries. Engraving machines are also relied on in the manufacturing of medical instruments and firearms. Aircraft and automotive components and parts must be tracked by identification codes and parts numbers throughout the manufacturing process. 2d data matrix marking and barcodes have emerged as a popular means of marking because these can be engraved with improved quality... Read More

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Engraving Equipment

Engraving machines are used for the process of incising, or etching a design onto a surface by cutting or digging grooves into it. Today, most engraving is done by computer controlled machinery, or laser marking systems, especially for engraving in industrial applications.

Before the advent of modern engraving equipment, a handheld burin or stylus was used to engrave an object, and for some smaller processes and more intricate, decorative purposes, hand engraving is still used. Today it is restricted to a few narrow fields, but is still seen in jewelry, firearms, small decorative pieces and some musical instruments. Most common however, are engraving machines controlled by CNC and CAD precision programming. Widely available engraving machines are fairly simple to use and are able to engrave a number of surfaces such as metal, glass or plastic. These are often able to engrave on both straight and curved surfaces. Diamonds are typically used as the stylus, especially for machines required to engrave on harder materials and metals. Engraving equipment consists of three parts: a stylus or marking tool, a controller, and a surface. The stylus acts like a pencil, tracing designs on a surface. The controller, or computer, controls the laser's direction, pressure and speed. The surface is the material that the stylus acts on, the engraver's canvas.

A highly-skilled engraver can achieve high levels of detail in his or her work, and therefore engraving is often used for its counterfeiting restricting properties. Bank notes, checks and other confidential or restricted papers use engraving machines to achieve details which cannot be replicated by standard printers. Engraving can also be used for decorative purposes – to inscribe a pattern or image onto the surface of an object, or it may be used to create a template die or stamp for printing the pattern or image onto another surface or material. Engraving can be a fairly quick process depending on the intricacy of the pattern or design. Simpler designs can be completed by a computer controlled engraving machine in a matter of minutes. Manual engraving will take longer and typically with less precise results. Laser engraving is the fastest engraving method and since laser markers do not have tool heads or machines which wear out, after the initial expense of buying the machine, they are a fairly economical marking method choice. Laser engraving is a clean and permanent process that doesn't damage the product being engraved. It also doesn't produce any by-products. The most common type of laser engraving equipment is the X-Y table, where the workpiece is stationary and the laser moves in X and Y directions, creating vectors.

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