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  • Zanesville, OH

    Is your facility in need of high performance dot peen machines? Our top of the line machinery is guaranteed to meet all of your needs. We are your worry-free provider of identification systems. We will work with your team to implement our products into your business and our services are beyond compare. Our company has proven ourselves as an industry leader!

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  • Cranberry Township, PA

    Matthews Marking Systems is a global supplier of printing systems and consumables for product identification, branding, and traceability solutions. With over 160 years of marking and coding experience, we’ve established a global reputation as a premier innovator and manufacturer in the marking and coding industry.

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  • Caro, MI

    Laser Marking Technologies LLC has served the marking machinery and laser cutting services industries for over 20 years. Our years of experience and advanced technology make us a leader in the industry. We strive to continue growing our business while improving our products and technology. Laser Marking Techonologies LLC is proud to say that all our products are manufactured in the United States.

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  • Lakeway, TX

    At Automark, our team of experts is ready and willing to tackle any of your challenging assignments. We supply marking systems for a multitude of industries such as medical, cosmetic, industrial, automotive, and more. All of our machines are manufactured to the highest quality, offered at a competitive price, and are guaranteed to last. Give us a call and a representative will speak with you today!

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  • Imperial, PA

    A world market leader in the field of marking machinery, Alpine Metal Tech is a “full-liner” for all marking & reading technologies throughout the process chain in every sector of the marking machinery industry. We offer products such as laser marking equipment, marking systems, hot stamping machines, marking tools & embossing machines. Customers come first with our company. Contact us to experience quality.

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  • Hatfield, PA

    Isotech offers a full range of Fiber, C02, UV, Green, MOPA, Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond laser systems for marking, cutting and welding of many substrates. Isotech offers both standard systems as well as fully automated or custom systems depending on your specific requirements. Integrated, automated solutions with conveyors, palletized pick and place, rotary dial tables, hoppers, and robots are all part of the engineering we offer.

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Marking Coders Industry Information

Marking Coders

With the many advances in technology and the implementation of complex computer software, controlling and managing inventory has become more streamlined and efficient. A central process associated with these improvements has been the development for different methods for marking and coding merchandise and equipment. Processes that were labor intensive as well as inaccurate have been upgraded giving greater control of on hand supplies and moving stock.

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Applications of Marking Coders

Marking is an important part of manufacturing for tracking quality control, compliance with regulations, management of the supply chain, and supporting marketing initiatives. More recently, customers are requiring marking codes to identify and code their purchases. The selection of the right marking and coding system has to be applicable to a company’s existing format and fit the needs of its customers.

Benefits of Using Marking Coders

Marking has several benefits that can help an organization be more productive and efficient. On the surface, coding seems to be a method of improving control and tracking of critical elements of the operation, which is a natural assumption considering its purpose. For operations that have moving stock, it is necessary to identify each device or piece, which has been previously done with a complex serial number. A marking code can easily identify and log the status equipment with the input of an easy to identify symbol or code, replacing complicated numbers.

For maintenance purposes, machines that are out for repair can be tracked and their progress monitored. An added benefit is the capability of letting operators know that their equipment is being worked on avoiding accidents and unsafe conditions. Also, transporting and storing hazardous materials can be improved with the appropriate code that can send reminders when the materials need to be moved or upgraded.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Marking Coders

Marking coders are the beginning of the implementation of an identification and classification process that takes a confusing and cumbersome system and makes it streamlined and user friendly. Selecting the system that best meets your needs is just the first step for better control and tracking. Several technologies are available to meet manufacturing and customer requirements. As easy as the decision may seem, there are multiple factors to consider when deciding on a specific system, many of which seem unrelated to the purpose of the system.

A common choice, often the least expensive, is a contact or ink system designed to imprint a number, description, or shape. Marking codes are available in dot peening on metal and plastic parts, as well as laser marking and chemical engraving. Though this may seem like a logical choice, there are factors that may make it unproductive and inefficient, such as the condition of the manufacturing environment, that may be either too hot and humid or too cold. Add to the conditions the type of ink and if it will last for the life cycle of its use. In the end, it may be necessary to choose a more expensive method at the beginning that will save money in the long run.