Plant and Facility Equipment

Plant and facility equipment refers to a broad range of equipment or machines used in manufacturing, assembly, and material handling and processing applications. The products in this category are designed to enhance plant efficiency, control, and organization.

Products like conveying systems, forklifts, and cranes efficiently transport materials, while clean rooms, dust collectors, and automation equipment provide exceptional quality and environmental control. Manufacturers can also keep their facilities clean and tidy with palletizers, balers, and cranes. Plant and facility equipment is utilized in industries like the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, automotive, semiconductor, electronics, telecommunications, and marine industries, but this kind of equipment can be utilized in almost any industry.


AGV Systems - Savant Automation, Inc.Automatic guided vehicles, or AGVs, are robotic transport units that use lasers or markers to navigate industrial facilities without human supervision.

These vehicles are primarily utilized in industrial settings as a means for material handling and transportation, but they also find use in military and clean room applications. For applications that involve heavy lifting or highly repetitive actions, automated guided vehicles provide an efficient and cost effective alternative to human labor, and since they are programmed to repeat the same task, AGVs also help reduce common problems associated with human error.

business Leading AGV Manufacturers

Autocraft AGVs by Eckhart
Warren, MI | 517-321-7700

Savant Automation, Inc.
Walker, MI | 616-791-8540

America In Motion
Charlotte, NC | 704-246-3961

St. Augustine, FL | 904-826-4490

Transbotics Corporation
Charlotte, NC | 704-362-1115

Pittsburgh, PA | 412-379-4500

JBT Corporation
Chalfont, PA | 888-362-3628

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Air Pollution Control

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer – Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.Air pollution control equipment removes and eliminates a wide variety of pollutants, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) including sulfuric fumes, gases, odors and vapors from the atmosphere.

VOCs and HAPs cause serious environmental and biological damage resulting in smog, acid rain, carbon emissions and global warming, but they are reduced or eliminated by air pollution control equipment.

business Leading Air Pollution Control Manufacturers

Adwest Technologies, Inc.
Anaheim, CA | 714-632-9801

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI | 800-488-0230

Catalytic Products International, Inc.
Lake Zurich, IL | 847-438-0334

De Pere, WI | 800-558-5535 | 920-336-5715

Monroe Environmental Corporation
Monroe, MI | 800-992-7707

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Assembly Machinery Manufacturers

Assembly Machinery – EriezAssembly machinery is a large category of machinery that encompasses all computerized machines used in the manufacturing industry.

One of the biggest perks to using these machines is the brief amount of human contact required to run one. Therefore, assembly machinery is more cost effective then a machining system that requires constant surveillance.

Assembly machinery is used in the production, assembly and packaging areas of the manufacturing industry. Assembly lines use automation equipment for all parts of making a product and getting it ready to ship, usually with a computerized machine for each step of production. Computer controlled machines are also referred to as CNC machines, specifically CNC manufacturing when they are programmed to produce sellable goods.

business Leading Assembly Machinery Manufacturers

Lansing, MI | 517-321-7700

Belleville, NJ | 800-822-8629

Erie, PA | 800-345-4946

ATI Industrial Automation, Inc.
Apex, NC | 919-772-0115

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Blower Fans - Tuthill Vacuum & Blower SystemsIndustrial blowers provide air and gas movement in ventilation, circulation and drying applications.

Pneumatic conveying systems depend on blowers and vacuums to convey bulk materials, and drying and dust collecting stations within a bulk material handling system use blowers at multiple stages as well.

business Leading Blowers Manufacturers

National Turbine Corporation
Syracuse, NY | 888-293-7434

Spencer Turbine Company
Windsor, CT | 800-232-4321

Industrial Air Technology Corp.
Gaylord, MI | 989-705-1768

FanAir Company
Orange, CA | 714-744-6444

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Conveyors – Metzgar ConveyorsConveying equipment is incredibly useful for material handling and transportation in industrial settings. Manufacturers use conveyors to efficiently move products from workstation to workstation and can even be used to carry parts through the different stages of automated manufacturing processes.

There are many different kinds of conveyors like belt conveyors, spiral conveyors, and overhead conveyors. Modern conveyor systems can even incorporate magnets, rails, and levers to lift, divert, and sort products and packages.

business Leading Conveyors Manufacturers

Metzgar Conveyors
Comstock Park, MI | 888-266-8390

Tuff Automation, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI | 616-735-3939

Belleville, NJ | 800-822-8629

Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
Hartland, WI | 800-397-8664

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Overhead Cranes – Gorbel Inc. Cranes come in a variety of different shapes and these items are ideal for moving a range of materials.

Cranes excel at transporting very large loads and cranes are ideal for applications that require linear movements. One very common type of crane is known as the gantry crane.

This crane is used in shipyards and rail yards to move large containers onto trains and ships. Most cranes can be customized to a specific application and for heavy duty material handling; cranes are often the preferred choice.

business Leading Cranes Manufacturers

Gorbel Inc.
Fishers, NY | 800-821-0086

Brehob Corporation
Indianapolis, IN | 800-632-4451

Konecranes, Inc.
Springfield, OH | 937-525-5533

Givens Lifting Systems, Inc.
Toledo, OH | 419-724-9001

Wazee Crane
Broomfield, CO | 303-623-1736

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Deburring Machinery

Overhead Cranes – Gorbel Inc. Cranes come in a variety of different shapes and these items are ideal for moving a range of materials.

Cranes excel at transporting very large loads and cranes are ideal for applications that require linear movements. One very common type of crane is known as the gantry crane.

This crane is used in shipyards and rail yards to move large containers onto trains and ships. Most cranes can be customized to a specific application and for heavy duty material handling; cranes are often the preferred choice.

business Leading Deburring Machinery Manufacturers

Giant Finishing, Inc.
Wood Dale, IL | 800-404-4268

OTEC Precision Finish, Inc.
North Kingstown, RI | 401-398-0045

A.E. Aubin Company
New Milford, CT | 800-423-0697

Abtex Corporation
Dresden, NY | 888-662-2839

Burr King
Warsaw, MO | 800-621-2748

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Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors – Quality Air ManagementDust collectors are devices that are utilized to capture hazardous particles.

The unwanted particles are pulled into a filter or separator and then the clean air is released. This equipment comes in a variety of styles including bag houses, jet dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors, and more.

business Leading Dust Collectors Manufacturers

Quality Air Management
Cary, NC | 800-267-5585
Las Vegas, NV | 702-848-3990

Bruning & Federle Manufacturing Company
Statesville, NC | 704-873-7237

Midwest Finishing Systems, Inc.
Hartland, WI | 800-854-0030

Scientific Dust Collectors
Alsip, IL | 708-597-7090

Empire Abrasive Equipment Company
Langhorne, PA | 215-752-8800

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Heating Elements – Backer Hotwatt, Inc.Heater elements are the heating components within all electric heaters. With critical applications in residential, commercial and industrial process applications, heater elements are manufactured in a variety of materials and configurations. Heater elements are capable of providing heat from room temperature up to over 1300° F.

Heater elements are widely used, as most appliances that require heat to perform their processes use a heater element of one kind or another. In fact, ovens, clothes dryers, water heaters, electric furnaces and other industrial, commercial and consumer appliances use heater elements extensively.

business Leading Heaters Manufacturers

Backer Hotwatt, Inc.
Danvers, MA | 978-777-0070

Hallandale, FL | 800-492-8826

Bristol, CT | 860-582-6776

Vulcan Electric Company
Porter, ME | 207-625-3231

Thermal Devices
Mt. Airy, MD | 800-282-9100

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Hose Reels

Hose Reels – Unique Hose ReelsHose reels are cylindrical devices around which any variety of hoses can be either mechanically or manually wound.

Also known as automatic hose reels, various types of mechanical means of winding or unwinding the hosing from the reel include electric, spring and pneumatic power. In terms of manually-powered hose reels, most feature a side-mounted handle for winding and unwinding purposes.

business Leading Hose Reels Manufacturers

Unique Hosereels
Mississauga, ON | 866-927-9898

Hannay Reels, Inc.
Westerlo, NY | 877-467-3357

United Equipment Accessories, Inc.
Waverly, IA | 800-394-9986

Reelcraft Industries, Inc.
Columbia City, IN | 800-444-3134

Omaha, NE | 800-521-4888

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Lubrication Equipment – Lincoln Industrial CorporationLubricators apply controlled amounts of lubricant to areas of friction on moving or rotating mechanical parts.

Lubricating systems are vital to manufacturing and industrial companies, since bearings, dies, chains, cables, spindles, pumps, rails and gears need to be lubricated to make equipment run smoothly and reliably.

business Leading Lubricators Manufacturers

Oil-Rite® Corporation
Manitowoc, WI | 920-682-6173

Lube USA Inc.
Sterling Greenville, SC | 800-326-3765

Mighty Lube
Fremont, MI | 231-924-6011

Pulsarlube U.S.A. Inc.
San Elk Grove Village, IL | 847-593-5300

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Mezzanine System – Equipment Roundup ManufacturingMezzanines are raised, often un-walled platforms that are used in a diversity of settings; they can be used to store unused materials, provide working space for equipment and seat people in auditoriums, among many other uses. Industrial mezzanines, however, are used only for purposes related to industrial operations. Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service companies all make use of mezzanines.

business Leading Mezzanines Manufacturers

Abtech, Inc.
Santa Ana, CA | 800-394-7699

Equipment Roundup Manufacturing
Vancouver, WA | 360-576-1171

Steele Solutions, Inc.
Franklin, WI | 888-542-5099

Porta-King Building Systems
Earth City, MO | 800-284-5346

FCP, Inc.
Wildomar, CA | 805-684-1117

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Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings Manufacturers – Par-Kut International, Inc.Modular buildings are a broad class of prefabricated buildings that have become increasingly popular in recent years.

They serve as an economical and effective solution for those seeking permanent, long-term, or temporary facilities, such as military barracks, booths, disaster relief housing, temporary medical treatment facilities, schools, libraries, universities, gyms, storage buildings, construction site offices, modular offices, and churches.

business Leading Modular Building Manufacturers

Abtech, Inc.
Santa Ana, CA | 800-394-7699

Par-Kut International Inc.
Harrison Township, MI | 586-468-2947

United Partition Systems, Inc.
Ontario, CA | 800-959-0878

Porta-King Building Systems
Earth City, MO | 800-284-5346

FCP, Inc.
Wildomar, CA | 805-684-1117

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Storage Racks

Storage Racks – Ridg-U-Rak®, Inc. Storage racks are stands or frameworks that are used to display, store and organize products, parts, equipment, tools, materials, boxes and pallets for the efficient use of space within warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shipping areas and product assembly rooms.

Storage rack systems are used primarily to save space and to provide a means of inventory organization for ease of product and material accessibility.

business Leading Storage Racks Manufacturers

Ridg-U-Rak®, Inc.
North East, PA | 866-479-7225

Concept Storage Solutions
Vaughan, ON | 888-922-0229

InterMetro Industries Corporation
Wilkes-Barre, PA | 800-992-1776

Krauter Solutions
Indianapolis, IN | 800-992-2824

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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Modular Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner – Jayco Cleaning Technologies Ultrasonic cleaners are relatively new cleaning tools that rapidly remove soils and contamination after large particle cleaning.

More efficient and environmentally-friendly than older methods, ultrasonic cleaners form tiny bubbles in a solvent from high-frequency sound waves, usually pitched around 18 kHz. These tiny bubbles remove particles by performing scrubbing action from otherwise inaccessible areas, whether they are out of reach, as are hidden parts, or too narrow, as are grooves, with consistency and exactness.

business Leading Ultrasonic Cleaners Manufacturers

Zenith Mfg. & Chemical Corp.
Norwood, NJ | 800-432-7664

ESMA, Inc.
South Holland, IL | 800-276-2466

Ultrasonic Power Corporation
Freeport, IL | 800-575-0168

Pro Ultrasonics
Nebo, NC | 828-584-1005

Cleaning Technologies Group
Cincinnati, OH | 800-248-9274

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Work Benches

Workbenches – Pro-LineWorkbenches and work stations are equipment or furnishings that create an efficient space in which people perform a set of specific duties, whether in offices, plants or manufacturing processes.

Ergonomic workstation design remains important in order for workers to accomplish given tasks effectively.

Workstations and work benches are manufactured for a variety of facilities and processes; industrial workstations and industrial workbenches provide workspace for machinists, assembly workers and many other industrial manufacturing processes.

business Leading Work Benches Manufacturers

IAC Industries
Brea, CA | 714-990-8997

RDM Industrial Products Inc.
Milpitas, CA | 877-777-9130

Belleville, NJ | 800-822-8629

Hergo® Ergonomic Support Systems, Inc.
Maspeth, NY | 888-222-7270

Dehnco™ Equipment & Supplies, Inc.
Barrington, IL | 847-382-1579

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