55 Gallon Drums

55 Gallon Drum – Rahway Steel Drum Company, Inc. 55 gallon drums are cylindrical containers used for shipping bulk goods. 55 gallon drums are large, cylindrical industrial containers with a nominal capacity of 55 gallons that are mainly used for shipping and storage applications.

A note on terminology: Drums and barrels are for all practical purposes the same thing. Industrial manufacturers use the two terms synonymously, and there is no distinctive structural difference between "drums" and "barrels;" both can be made of plastic, fiberglass, or metal, both are used to transport goods, and both have standard sizes, such as the 55 gallon drum.

There are only two cases in which a slight distinction is made between drums and barrels. The first is in the oil industry; oil is transported in standard, metal, 42 gallon containers referred to as "oil barrels", not as "drums"; the distinction made between oil "barrels" and drums which transport other material helps clarify volume, which in a standard drum is 55 gallons. The other industry in which a small distinction between drums and barrels is made is in the alcoholic beverage industry, which also refers to its containers as "barrels" and not usually as "drums". Alcoholic beverage industries have traditionally used wooden barrels, and although wooden barrels have largely gone out of use in modern manufacturing, the sanitary-grade stainless steel containers used to ferment and transport beer, wine and liquor are referred to as wine or beer barrels. A distinction is made with beer and wine "barrels" partially out of a linguistic nostalgia for the industry and partially as a way of verbally clarifying a beer or wine barrel's contents as such. Outside of these two industry-specific slight distinctions, the terms "drums" and "barrels" refer to the same item.

Plastic Containers

Plastic Containers Suppliers – Alpack Plastics Plastics are a product of the modern age. The history of plastic as outlined on this site is a story of inventiveness and industrialism. The advent of plastic storage along with mass production helped create America’s post-war economic boom. Plastic containers are one of the most important and useful items made from this revolutionary material.

Plastic containers are enclosures of plastic that are designed to contain something. Varieties of plastic containers distinguish themselves from each other by virtue of their size, shape, function or application. Plastic containers like plastic boxes are easily conceptualized in the abstract, but confining them to a universal, practical description is impossible; there are just too many kinds of plastic containers.

Plastic Tanks

Plastic Tanks – Assmann Corporation of America Plastic tanks, also known as poly tanks, are versatile containers used for bulk storage of a wide range of industrial substances or liquids. The tanks are available in an array of sizes and configurations. They can be vertical or horizontal, rectangular, circular or square shaped. Plastic tanks may store substances from as little as 15 gallons to as large as 20,000 gallons.

Plastic tanks are the preferred choice for many applications--both in large or small scale industrial use--because they hardly react to any liquid it contains. Most of the tanks, especially the bulk storage tanks, feature slots for tying them down, while others have centered and offset self-vented and slosh-proof lids.

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SS Tanks

Stainless Steel – Source 21, Inc. Stainless steel is a common and versatile metal defined by the fact that it is alloyed with a minimum of 10% chromium, a metal of high value, and other metals like nickel. Also known as corrosion resistant steel or chromium steel, stainless steel does not stain, corrode or rust easily.

Regular steel, like carbon steel, often contains smaller amounts of chromium. While regular steel does have enhanced properties of strength and hardness due to their chromium metal content, they are not as strong or as hard as stainless steel metal. Plus, stainless has the something extra that makes it less scratchable and just as strong and durable as other steel metals–stainless steel alloys develop a passivation layer of chromium oxide on their outer surface, effectively coating the steel and protecting it from the harmful oxidation that occurs between exposed iron and oxygen molecules in the air, which makes stainless steel more effective and attractive then regular steel. This protecting layer of chromium oxide easily reforms when scratched, making stainless steel an excellent, durable metal solution with no surface cracking or pores.

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