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SUCO ESI North America designs and manufactures an extensive line of standard and customized pressure monitoring devices for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, which are mechanical pressure switches, customized and environmental sealed pressure switches, vacuum switches, electronic pressure switches, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, pressure transducers, and accessories.

Our pressure switches are ideal for steering hydraulics, hydrostatic drives or brake systems. Important things to consider and evaluate when looking for a pressure switch solution are Accuracy, Actuation Pressure, Electrical Load, Rate of Pressure Rise, and Medium to be Handled. Also important are Maximum Vibration, Maximum Shock, Operating Temperature and Environmental Sealing.

Our compact mechanical pressure switches with a very high overpressure safety of 600 bar and a max. pressure peak of up to 1000 bar/s have been specially designed for robust applications.

Let us offer the pressure switch and pressure transducer that best fits your application.

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