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Formally known as Spectroscopic Accessories Company, we are now known as Specac. Over the years, we’ve transformed while still focusing on one main goal: manufacturing and distributing cutting edge instruments for sample handling. We are constantly innovating and adapting to new industries and today, some of our most popular products include: IR and FTIR spectrometry accessories, sample preparation tools and machines, and wire grid polarizers. We take pride in distributing our products to manufacturers, researchers, and academic customers worldwide. Spectroscopists have depended on us continuously for innovative products that adapts to the constant change of their markets. We offer sample preparation hydraulic presses that are high-quality and come in manual, powered and automated modes. These hydraulic presses can make KBr pellets, XRF pellets and many more. Whether you need a robust or lightweight hydraulic press, we offer something suitable for your needs that is simple and easy to use. FTIR accessories that we offer fit into most modern spectrometers easily. Some including liquid and gas transmission cells, ATR reflectance devices and more. Specac produces wire grid polarizers as well. These are available in calcium fluoride, barium fluoride, zinc selenide, germanium or thalium bromoiodide. Visit our website to browse our full selection of products. Our driving force behind expanding our company has been our commitment to our customers and customer satisfaction. Our leading-edge solutions for infrared spectroscopy have continued to deliver results in the quickly changing environments of both the laboratory and process plants. With over 60 employees worldwide, offices in the USA and the UK, and a network of distributors worldwide, we are confident we can help you with what you need. Please contact us for a free quote and an explanation on how our equipment can benefit you.

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Formerly known as Spectroscopic Accessories Company, Specac continues to manufacture and distribute cutting edge instruments for sample handling...

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