Refractron Technologies Corp.

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Refractron Technologies manufactures porous alumina (brown and white fused grits), silica, desiccant, and mullite ceramics with precisely controlled porosity. Our tubes, air stones, discs, domes, and plates function as fine bubble diffusers that oxygenate, purify, and filter water in numerous applications. Refractron also specializes in Zirconia based structural ceramic. Structural ceramic made of Magnesia Stabilized Zirconia, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia and Alumina Toughened Zirconia specialty blends that are custom formed into components for high pressure systems subjected to wear and that have contact with flowing aqueous-based sometimes particle-laden fluids, potentially corrosive liquids and gases or as in chemical industries which involve warm to hot liquids and gases. Our VP of Technology, Taki Negas Ph.D. brings worldwide recognition to Refractron for his work in the research, development and manufacture of ceramic materials. Refractron has a comprehensive machine shop containing advanced CNC equipment producing parts machined to ensure exact dimensions. Parts are customized with laser marking for traceability and efficient inventory control.

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