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QAM specializes in the most Advanced Technology self-cleaning baghouse, cartridge, mobile, downdraft and wet dust collectors, as well as the highly acclaimed Quencher spark arrestor. Our unique and exclusive solutions cost less to purchase, maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact, reduce power consumption 25-35%, reduce operating and maintenance cost 50-80%. For a quarter of a century, QAM has been a leader and innovator in the design and manufacturing of dust collection equipment. Rather than offering off-the-shelf equipment forced to fit an application, QAM believes dust collection is an art form which requires asking the right questions, listening to a customer's needs, only then initiating an engineered solution specifically for each customer's particular application. QAM is unique in many ways not the least is, we don't desire to be the biggest, but we are focused on being the best. QAM website offers a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of dust collection and avenues for the field to improve. Our corps of skilled professionals not only understands the continual advancements in air pollution control and dust collection technology, we create them with every system we build through continued research and development. Our Comprehensive Dust Collection Correspondence Course, offered free to the public, is one of a kind.

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