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QAM specializes in the most Advanced Technology self-cleaning baghouse, cartridge, mobile, downdraft and wet dust collectors, as well as the highly acclaimed Quencher spark arrestor. Our unique and exclusive solutions cost less to purchase, maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact, reduce power consumption 25-35%, reduce operating and maintenance cost 50-80%. For a quarter of a century, QAM has been a leader and innovator in the design and manufacturing of dust collection equipment. Rather than offering off-the-shelf equipment forced to fit an application, QAM believes dust collection is an art form which requires asking the right questions, listening to a customer's needs, only then initiating an engineered solution specifically for each customer's particular application. QAM is unique in many ways not the least is, we don't desire to be the biggest, but we are focused on being the best. QAM website offers a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of dust collection and avenues for the field to improve. Our corps of skilled professionals not only understands the continual advancements in air pollution control and dust collection technology, we create them with every system we build through continued research and development. Our Comprehensive Dust Collection Correspondence Course, offered free to the public, is one of a kind.


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Great Quencher Spark Arrestors

By Tom- 2015-09-30 08:29:19.547

Since September 2010, we have been using your Quencher spark arrestors to prevent fires in many dust collectors we have sold in the metal working industry.We tried other spark arrestors in the past that proved to be less than 100% effective. Since we have switched to the Quencher, our customers have not had any fires in their collectors. We continue to use your Quencher because of the level of technical expertise QAM brings to the table. No one else seems to understand the subject. -Dave Deasy, Air Equipment Sales
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Fantastic Customer Service!

By mikem- 2015-09-30 08:30:47.250

After contacting a number of people about solving our dust collection problems, we were only confident in QAM's engineer. Gary performed a complete survey of our needs and specified the correct system. The dust collection systems supplied, system in general, and the level of assistance provided through every step of the project far exceeds our expectations We are absolutely amazed to see these dust collectors operating so efficiently. -Norbert Poss, Radiac Abrasives
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Never had an operational issue.

By Ashley - 2015-09-30 08:57:01.107

We have installed a number of your QUENCHERS with great success. Our customers are always happy with your product and we have never had an issue with operation or installation of your product. -Kelly L. Neustel, Grotberg Electric and Triton Mechanical
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Impressive Dust Collectors!

By Ashley - 2015-09-30 08:21:46.400

Your dust collectors impressed me the most from their unique and seemly very advanced technical standard. All the others were far too large and the motor horsepower was only 20 and 30 HP. The others were around 50 HP or more.We’ve run these bag houses for a while now and they are running amazingly well and at only 1 1/2 inch pressure drop. I’m impressed and delighted. -Heinz Nolting Mei-West Ent.
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