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We are Kopp Glass Inc., a leading precision-molded technical glass solutions manufacturer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We have provided innovative glass solutions to various industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, transportation, and industrial markets. At Kopp Glass Inc., we offer a diverse range of specialized glass products designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our product portfolio includes glass lenses, filters, and other optical components for various applications. We specialize in custom glass formulations that provide unique properties such as high-temperature resistance, UV blocking, and infrared transmission. Our glass products are available in different shapes, sizes, and configurations, including plano-convex, bi-convex, cylindrical, and spherical shapes. In addition to our product offerings, we provide various technical services to support our customers' needs. Our team of experts has extensive experience in glass molding, engineering, and design, and we offer design consultation services to help our customers develop custom glass solutions that meet their specific requirements. We also provide rapid prototyping and small-scale production services to help our customers evaluate their designs and make adjustments before moving to full-scale production. At Kopp Glass Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to develop custom glass solutions that meet our customers' unique needs. Our in-house glass formulation capabilities allow us to tailor the physical and optical properties of glass to meet specific requirements such as high-temperature resistance, color, and UV or IR blocking. We also have extensive glass molding capabilities, including precision CNC machining, hot and cold forming, and glass blowing. We use advanced metrology tools to ensure our glass products' dimensional accuracy and validate their optical properties. Kopp Glass Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision-molded technical glass solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers across a range of industries. We offer a wide range of glass products, technical services, and capabilities backed by our team of experts with decades of experience in glass formulation, engineering, and design. Contact us today to learn how we can help you develop custom glass solutions that meet your unique needs.

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