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Headquartered in Muskego, Wisconsin, InPro Corporation is a renowned provider of architectural and facility protection solutions. With over 40 years of industry experience, InPro has established itself as a trusted partner, delivering innovative products, exceptional service, and reliable solutions to customers worldwide.

InPro Corporation offers a wide range of products designed to enhance and protect the built environment. One of our key product categories is wall protection systems. Our extensive selection includes handrails, crash rails, corner guards, and wall panels, which safeguard walls and corners from impacts, abrasion, and everyday wear and tear. These solutions not only provide physical protection but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces.

We also specialize in door protection and signage solutions. Our kick plates, push plates, door frame guards, and door-edge guards help protect doors from damage, prolonging their lifespan. Additionally, InPro offers signage products that comply with ADA regulations, ensuring clear communication and effective wayfinding within facilities.

Expansion joint systems are another area of expertise for InPro. Our engineered expansion joint covers and systems accommodate the movement of building materials caused by thermal, seismic, and structural changes. These solutions maintain the integrity of floors, walls, and ceilings while providing a visually appealing finish.

InPro Corporation's product portfolio extends to privacy solutions for healthcare environments. Our patient privacy curtains and cubicle curtains offer privacy, infection control, and contribute to a healing and calming atmosphere for patients.

In addition to our diverse range of products, InPro provides comprehensive services to support our customers. Our experienced team offers design and specification support to architects, designers, and contractors, assisting in project planning and design phases. We provide technical expertise, product recommendations, and guidance to ensure the selection of the most suitable solutions for each application.

Customization is a priority at InPro. We understand the importance of meeting unique project requirements, and therefore offer services such as color matching, branding, and custom sizes to ensure our products align with specific design and functional needs.

To further assist our customers, InPro Corporation provides installation support through our network of certified installers. We also offer detailed installation instructions and resources to guide our customers through the process.

Beyond the aforementioned product categories, InPro is also known for its expertise in vacuum formed plastics. Our vacuum forming capabilities allow us to create custom-formed plastic components that offer durability, impact resistance, and design versatility. These vacuum formed plastics find applications in various industries, such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, and transportation.

In summary, InPro Corporation is a trusted provider of architectural and facility protection solutions. With our wide range of products, customization options, and comprehensive services, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our customers. Our expertise in vacuum formed plastics further adds to our capabilities, allowing us to deliver durable and innovative solutions for diverse industries.

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