Hydro Engineering, Inc.

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Hydro Engineering started in 1971 as an agricultural irrigation company that drilled wells and installed center pivots and pipelines. That same year, Hydro Engineering developed the Hydro Soft Hose Traveling Gun. The Traveling Gun became popular for irrigation and liquid manure application throughout the United States. Since its start in 1971, Hydro has expanded its reach into many different markets including the municipality & the O&G markets. Hydro develops equipment that best fits the needs of the customer and always working alongside them to learn new techniques and utilization for their equipment. Hydro prides itself on it’s ability to develop equipment & solutions that can span through all of it’s target markets. These innovative solutions have allowed Hydro Engineering to expand nationally and internationally and it continues to grow it’s reach every year. Hydro is always looking to grow it’s staff & expand into new markets. It’ll continue to offer one on one support with its customers while its highly talented team develops solutions that has, and will continue to, revolutionize the industries it’s involved in. Of course, we also must not forget to take care of our most precious asset, which is you, the customer. Use our easy form on our website to send us an email for more information today!

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