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As a third-generation family-owned manufacturer, we are financially independent and socially committed. We are a global leader in automation technology, and the world market leader in technical training and education. By establishing a link between industry and education, we are helping our customers all over the world to increase their productivity. Our line of automation products include actuators, motors, servo drives, industrial robots, vacuum technology, sensors, vision systems, connectors, fittings, tubings, controllers and software, and more.

Our company has grown and changed because of our dedication to curiosity, courage and adaptability. We want to lead so that we are equipped to handle the constantly changing requirements in our market. Our integrated service offering is applied in the production and assembly areas of a wide range of industrial segments. Whether you are in the automotive, manufacturing, electronics, or the food processing and industrial packaging industry – our team knows the specific needs of every application, and we understand the regional differences for customers around the world. Despite the many changes in our company's long history, one thing has always been constant: We are independent family-owned company and will remain so in the future. Our action is determined by our values: we’re ambitious, determined, visionary, appreciative and responsibly minded.

We are aligned to a global mission statement specifying sustainable development. We pay close attention to the expectations which are placed upon us by our customers, employees, and shareholders. According to our mission statement, development is only sustainable if it meets the needs of today’s generation without putting those of future generations at risk. To learn more about our products and what our company stands for, visit our website.

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