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APC Technologies, Inc. serves a multitude of industries and applications including: adhesives, chemical plants, food processing, mining, power plants, metal fabrication, textile finishing, rubber parts manufacturing, waste water treatment, wood product manufacturing and much more. The staff at our company is highly trained and provides outstanding equipment to meet the most stringent air regulations. Our fairly priced services are designed with your needs in mind and our ultra efficient processing systems can control sub-micron sized particle emissions. Our company pays close attention to detail when manufacturing these state-of-the-art devices and the quality of our systems is assured. Our company creates a large selection of air pollution control systems. These products come in a variety of configurations such as wet scrubbers, ultra high-efficiency filter systems, activated carbon systems, catalytic purification oxidizer systems, coated baghouses, thermal purification and more! Our company serves over 30 different industries and this highly advanced manufacturer of air scrubbers is confident we can supply you with the best air pollution control systems. Our staff will work with you from the initial contact to design an optimized system for your application that adheres to your workspace limitations and budget. The engineers here at APC Technologies, Inc. provide high tech solutions that are not only energy efficient but designed for satisfactory performance and superior longevity. Our company offers outstanding emission testing services which is ideal for industries dealing with pollutants such as acid gases, mercury, THC, VOCs, HAPs and more. These testing services include volumetric air flow rate, odor characterization, particle size analysis, moisture content and weight determination and other types testing which adhere to US EPA testing requirements. For more information, call APC Technologies, Inc.
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Great Experience

By Ashley - 2012-11-16 16:38:06.503

"Baker Engineering & Controls has had the pleasure of working with APC. APC's unique products allowed us to cost effectively meet, and surpass, our design requirements. APC's knowledgeable and professional staff worked with us to design a solution fitting our customer's needs and supported our installation from design to post-installation. Our continued relationship with APC remains mutually rewarding." President, Baker Engineering & Controls, Inc.
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Perfect Fit

By Tom- 2013-01-10 09:13:38.653

"APC Technologies provided us with a good solution for a difficult particulate discharge standard. We had tried several different solutions none of which worked well for us. Their UHF® system has worked well for us for nearly five years and met our compliance and ease of maintenance expectations." -- Chief Financial Officer, Merrill Iron and Steel, Inc.
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Excellent Help

By Craig S- 2013-03-21 15:54:18.410

"APC provided excellent help on our unique design request and stayed in close communication throughout the entire project. Their assistance during startup proved to be invaluable as the system is outside of our normal operating knowledge. Thanks to their knowledge the project was hailed as a great success both internally and with various regulatory bodies." -Project Engineer II, Marathon Petroleum Corp.
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Ultra High-Efficiency Filter

By Ashley - 2013-05-28 15:19:31.473

"Where has the UHF® [APC Ultra High-Efficiency Filter] filter product been? We wish we had known of the UHF® filter earlier, before installing other venturi scrubbers in the plant over the past few years." - Senior Engineer, Orbital Engineering Inc., working on behalf of Fortune 500 Chemical Co.
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Will Not Consider Anything But APC!

By David P. - 2013-02-18 12:12:08.397

"We have been using APC Technologies' air emission control systems for over 15 years, recently purchasing our third system. We are evaluating a fourth project and are not considering other vendors. APC Technologies has a very experienced staff and provides outstanding products and service at a very fair price. The company has met our needs exceptionally well as we have grown and ensured that we continuously comply with increasingly stringent air regulations in our state." -- Manager, Engineering and Maintenance, Applied Printing Technologies/Earth Color, Inc.
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Outstanding Co. to Work With

By Diana N- 2013-04-26 11:49:13.463

"Based on experience, I highly recommend APC’s UHF® Filter System for any application involving the control of oil mist and/or volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from industrial process exhaust. Our plant has aluminum rolling mills, and on one mill the existing emission control system was not consistently meeting opacity emission limits. After reviewing several options, our plant installed APC’s UHF® Filter System and all opacity was eliminated. The UHF® System also had the additional benefit of reducing gas-phase VOCs emissions, which reduced the plant’s overall VOC emissions. The corporation has utilized APC for emission issues at multiple operating locations since that project. APC’s staff is highly experienced, very responsive, and professional. APC is an outstanding company to work with." - Manager, Environment, Health & Safety, Alcoa Mill Products Inc.
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