Altair Technologies, Inc.

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Years of continuous improvement have enabled us to build our contract manufacturing and furnace brazing operations into a stable framework of turnkey services and products you can depend on. Our passion is the pursuit of innovative engineering, advanced material joining and turnkey solutions where furnace brazing technology is required.

Our goal is for our customers to not have to consider an alternative supplier ever again via our commitment to our 5 Principles of Manufacturing. Customers gain a competitive advantage with us, because we have invested, fostered and formalized a world-class team of scientists and engineers with over 40 years experience in to a single collective, "The Altair Research Group, ARG”. Their mission is to solve the most challenging requirements in a broad spectrum of industries that others simply can't take on.

At Altair, it is open arms, transparent and collaborative with our customers; we are obsessed with proactive communication, requirements and integrity. We also are the kind of company that would invite you to join the company BBQ or the VP of Sales might drive to San Diego on a Saturday to hand-deliver your parts to live up to our promise; it happens.

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