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  • Simple Reasons to Switch to Plastic Pallets for the Transportation of Pharmaceutical Products

    In early 2012, some pharmaceutical workers discovered a musty and moldy smell emanating from some pharmaceutical and healthcare products. After some investigation, it was discovered that the smell was derived from the method of transportation used to ship the products from one place to another. Wood pallets were discovered to be the culprit. These wood pallets were manufactured outside of theUnited Statesand contained trichloroanisole (TCA) and tribromoanisole (TBA). These chemicals are a byproduct of the wood preservation methods used outside theUnited States.South Americaand other countries use the process of fungal...

  • When Plastic is Better than Wood

    The debate between plastic and wood pallets rages on. Some people believe that wood pallets are better for the environment, but others argue that the ability to recycle plastic pallets and use them multiple times make them the better choice for theenvironment. Whatever side of the spectrum you believe; there are still a few undeniable benefits of plastic pallets. Before choosing to use plastic or wood pallets in your factory, consider some of the benefits of plastic pallets: Durability: Plastic pallets manufacturers create plastic pallets for extreme durability. Often, the...

  • Plastic Skids: The Sustainable Pallet

    There is one particular item that is a serious necessity for the warehouse and shipping industries; the plastic skid, which is more commonly know as plastic pallets. These heavy duty support trays come in a variety of styles and sizes to best suit the products that will be transported on them as well as fitting the type of storage facility they will take up residence in. Because plastic skids are mass produced for such large industries, making sure they are environmentally friendly is important in our sustainability conscious society. This...


    NEWS RELEASE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: James Fischer Jifram Extrusions, Inc. 920-467-2477 Custom Built Plastic Pallets designed an innovative material handling solution for Wisconsin Packaging, a corrugated converter which produces a diverse range of packaging – from single-color industrial box applications to printed point-of-purchase and litho-labeled containers.    In the past, Wisconsin Packaging shipped its corrugated boxes on standard sized wood pallets that did not fit their product, resulting in wasted space on...

  • Tom Fitzgerald, President of TMF Corporation, discusses a question he hears often

    There are many advantages to both pharmaceutical and food handling businesses when plastic pallets are used instead of wood. The difference can be tremendous in cleanliness and cost savings due to an extended life of the pallets. An area that can cause apprehension in making the change is the goal or need of a company to meet fire protection standards. At TMF Corporation we have addressed this by manufacturing our Protech Pallet that uses a combination of standard resins and adding fire resistant materials. We had them tested and rated...

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Plastic Skids

Plastic skids are pallet bases that are used for the transportation or storage of materials. Pallets are used to transport all kinds of materials all over the world. They are used in warehouses and factories for moving items to and from storage, they are used in shipping yards for product handling and they are used in countless other applications that involve the transportation of goods.

Plastic skids and pallets are characterized by their partially hollow interiors, which allow for hi-lows, forklifts and other mobile lifting machines to move pallets and their loads from one area to another. Because many mobile lifting machines’ lift capacities reach or exceed 4000 lbs., pallets offer the opportunity for the large scale, efficient transportation of items. Plastic skids offer many advantages over wooden skids, not the least of which is that they can be approached for lifting from all sides (most wooden pallets can only be approached from two). Plastic skids’ durability compared to wooden skids makes them a much better choice for companies that have access to them. Also, wooden skids, especially when stored near each other, pose a very dangerous fire hazard. Plastic skids can be engineered to be fire resistant.

Most plastic skids are rackable, stackable or nestable for easy storage. Because they are designed to be durable, most plastic skids can reused and recycled. Many distribution companies even make customers provide a deposit when products are shipped with plastic skids to ensure that they will be returned. Despite being plastic products, which in many cases contribute to environmental degradation, plastic skids are a sustainable shipping solution because of their long operational life and the fact that they can be reprocessed. Many plastic skids are made from high-density polyethylene, which gives the skids their sturdiness. Like many other plastic products, plastic skids are molded or extruded. There are six plastics processing methods by which a given plastic skid can be made: injection molding, compression molding, rotational molding, profile extrusion, thermoforming and structural foam molding. The most common fabrication method is injection molding. In injection molding, a raw plastic material is heated to a liquid state in a conveyance channel and then directed into a mold. The mold is a tool designed in the shape that the final skid product is intended to take. The liquid material conforms to the contours of the mold, and then after it has cooled the skid hardens and takes its final shape.

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