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  • Havertown, PA

    If you are looking for an affordable pallet option, recycled pallets are the way to go. We carry a full line of recycled pallets in a variety of designs. We take the time to ensure that all of your needs are met from the first day you work with us. We will always keep to our promises, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Find out how we can be of service to you when you contact us today!

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  • Coleman, MI

    If you're looking for the best way to package an industrial part, Robinson Industries’ recycled pallets may be the answer. Tough, long-lasting pallets can provide maximum safety for your product during transport and storage while it eliminates hidden costs such as pre-assembly and waste disposal. We can custom design pallets to make them easier to move, store, identify and access.

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  • Elberfeld, IN

    Fibertech Plastic Pallets are an excellent alternative to wood pallets, offering cost-efficient solutions for strong, durable & washable pallets. Our unique angled leg design helps reduce forklift damage by enabling the fork tines to deflect off the leg rather than breaking or cutting the pallet. An optional lip prevents product slippage & facilitates transportation of stacked, empty pallets.

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  • Burton, MI

    In business since 1975, Soroc Products utilizes thermoforming technology to manufacture first-class high-density polyethylene pallets and trays and custom thermoforming requests. You can find products such as Our capabilities include pinion gears, control arm trays, and both custom and standard plastic pallets. Capabilities include single sheet and twin sheet forming. For more information, contact Soroc today!

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  • Medford, NJ

    Polymer Solutions International, founded in 1997, is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction. Our success has been shaped, to a large extent, by our extensive product line that includes recycled pallets and by the partnership and satisfaction of our customers. Working along-side your company we will match the right product for your application. Call us to see how we can help you.

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Siliceous earth is a type of raw material that, when processed, can provide a variety of benefits to industries all over the world. Siliceous earth is a mineral powder that provides oil-soaking and scratch-resisting properties for a variety of industrial uses. The mineral is a mixture of corpuscular, amorphous silica, lamellar kaolinite, and cryptocrystalline. The mineral is used for polymer fillers, cleaning agents, furniture polish, dietary supplements, and more. Although the mineral is highly useful, the processing of the material is surprisingly difficult. The material is somewhat abrasive on its... Read More

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Practical Uses For Pallets

On a whim, I searched creative uses for pallets on the internet. The results I found were incredible. Apparently, pallets have outgrown their general use in the warehouse and have evolved into something much more exciting. I clicked through page after page of people who had turned old freight pallets into coffee tables. There were indoor coffee tables complete with painted drawers and wheels, and some were even used as outdoor porch furniture. These freight pallets were transformed into creative outdoor decorations with candles submerged inside lanterns that were then... Read More

Recycled Pallets: A Frenzy for the Earth

Our society is happily in the process of developing a very health obsession, to the point of making the concept into a national lifestyle; recycling. To reuse what is no longer useful in a new state that is useful is a vital aspect of protecting our environment for future generations as well as keeping it beautiful for ours. Sustainable actions are seen in many industrial, commercial and residential settings these days, one of which is the recycling of pallets. Recycled pallets can be produced from both wooden pallets and plastic... Read More

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Written by Ronda Robinson   Plastics are a part of the Robinson family DNA. My childhood was spent playing with my cousins in and around our factory (before our current strict MIOSHA regulations, of course) and listening to family members discuss projects and business over holiday dinners. By the age of 11, I was “helping” my grandparents in the office. Because I grew up around the family business, I am familiar with a number of important questions to ask when designing custom, reusable plastic dunnage. Here... Read More


NEWS RELEASE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: James Fischer Jifram Extrusions, Inc. 920-467-2477 Jifram Extrusions, Inc., a leader in the plastic extrusions industry, is celebrating its 32nd anniversary. The facility has tripled in size and expanded its product lines to include custom built industrial pallets, a variety of patented consumer goods, and visual merchandising items. The company remains committed to quality, investment in the community, and American innovation - holding 14 U.S. patents, 3 Canadian patents and 6 pending. ... Read More

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Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are plastic pallets that have reached the end of their usable life and have been recycled. Plastic pallets can be reprocessed into new plastic pallets, or their plastic can be reprocessed into a completely new plastic product. Since most plastics are made from high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, they can be broken down and reprocessed into almost any HDPE-based plastic product.

Plastic pallets boast many advantages over wood pallets: they are stronger and more durable, they can be engineered to be corrosion resistant, they are generally resistant to inhospitable weather conditions and they pose a substantially decreased risk of fire compared to wooden pallets. Their shelf life can also be up to five or six times as long as that of wooden pallets, which usually don’t survive more than two years of use. When a plastic pallet does reach the end of its usable life, it needs to be cleaned and processed. Plastic shredding companies can reduce the used pallet to a manageable size, and further size reduction and texture regulation is usually necessary to prepare any recycled plastic for reprocessing. Once reprocessed, though, newly recycled plastic pallets feature all of the same qualities of durability and strength as brand new plastic pallets.

When a plastic pallet is sent to a recycling center, it likely to be cleaned, if necessary, and then processed through an industrial plastic shredder. Once shredded, a combination of granulators, grinders and other processing equipment are often necessary to make the plastic material ready for reprocessing. Once all of those steps are complete, if the plastic material is to be used for construction of a new pallet, the material can be taken to an injection molder. Injection molding is the process by which most plastic pallets are made. The process begins with loading the plastic material into a conveyance channel where a long screw heats and pressurizes it. Once the plastic material has become molten, it is injected into a mold shaped like the intended pallet product. The molten plastic forms to the contours of the mold and begins to resemble its final configuration. Once it has taken shape, it is allowed to cool and harden. Any additional necessary process like deflashing and branding are then applied, after which the new recycled plastic pallet is ready for shipping to customers. There are a few other methods by which plastic pallets are produced, but injection molding generally produces pallets of the strongest and sturdiest quality.

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