Plant and Facility Supplies

Plant and facility supplies are parts and materials used in various applications within the industry structure. These products serve as supplemental parts and pieces that enable the larger equipment and machinery to function at optimum levels, but are not used as the primary manufacturing or processing equipment. Different types of manufacturing supplies are more commonly seen in different structures, as they can be fairly industry or process specific. For example, warehouse supplies are likely to be material handling related products such as 55 gallon drums, plastic pallets or storage racks, whereas plant supplies are more likely to be process or manufacturing related products such as heating elements, centrifugal pumps and various power supplies.

Although many of these products are often thought of as solely industrial plant supplies or industrial warehouse supplies, they are also commonly used in the petrochemical, automotive, wastewater, aerospace, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

55 Gallon Drums

55 Gallon Drum Manufacturers – Rahway Steel Drum Company, Inc.55 gallon drums are cylindrical storage containers frequently used in many different industrial applications.

For the most part, these containers are utilized for storing and transporting large quantities of materials, commonly liquids. 55 gallon drums typically come in steel, plastic, and fiber varieties, and each material better serves different applications.

Liquid chemicals can be safely and efficiently stored and transported in steel or plastic drums, while fiber drums are perfect for containing powdered or granular materials. The food processing, pharmaceutical, hazardous waste, petroleum, and chemical processing industries all use 55 gallon drums extensively. Learn More

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Brush Suppliers – Schaefer Brush ManufacturingBrushes are bristled cleaning, painting and surface treatment tools.

From the simplest brooms to the heaviest-duty power brushes and sweepers, brushes have been and continue to be an important part of industrial and commercial operations. Homes and institutions also depend on brushes for their continued cleanliness as well as for cosmetic and functional maintenance. Learn More

Fasteners Manufacturers

Specialty Fasteners – Hercules FastenersFasteners are pieces that are used to hold materials together.

Across industrial and commercial settings, fasteners are used in literally thousands of applications. Fasteners hold cars together, connect building structures, are used to assemble furniture and more. Nuts, bolts, and screws are among the over 500,000 types of fasteners that exist. From large hex bolt fasteners to tiny jewelry screws, fasteners are essential to products that we use every day. Learn More

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags – Multi-Pak USA, Inc.Plastic bags are extremely versatile containers or carriers made of thin and often flexible polymeric films.

Used to store, transport, ship and package goods in a number of industrial, commercial and residential applications, baggies such as these prove very useful as they are most often waterproof and provide some degree of protection from the elements. Commonly referred to as poly bags, the containers are constructed of processed polymer resins. Learn More

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets – TMF Corporation Plastic pallets, or plastic skids, are plastic platforms used for storing, organizing, and transporting products. Though skids were commonly made of wood, plastic pallets have become more popular recently.

Plastic is more durable and typically demonstrates a higher strength-to-weight ratio, so plastic pallets can be reused longer and can support greater loads than wooden skids. In factories and warehouses, forklifts, hi-lows, and other jacks are used to quickly transport products on plastic pallets which can then be stored efficiently in large stacks. Learn More

Plastic Tanks

Plastic Tanks – Assmann Corporation of AmericaPlastic tanks can be defined as containment vessels that are designed to store different kinds of substances. They are also commonly known as poly tanks, and are used in a variety of industrial applications.

These tanks are available in a wide range of configurations, orientations (horizontal or vertical), colors, shapes, and sizes so they adequately perform their required functions. In terms of size, plastic tanks can range anywhere from 15 gallons to 16,000 gallons. Learn More

Power Cords

Power Cords – Kord KingPower cords are an essential part of any electrical system as they allow electric current to flow from power source to electrical device.

Electric current flows along a highly conductive wire, generally made of copper, which is surrounded by an insulating material, and the whole system is then coated with a protective outer jacket.

When deciding on a power cord, it is important to consider factors like the amount of power needed, duration of use, and the location of the equipment or device being powered. These factors may require different cord lengths, wire diameters, jacket materials, and many other features in order to operate equipment safely and efficiently. Learn More


Double Braided Polypropylene Rope – Ropes R Us, Inc.Ropes are woven or twisted cordage varieties that have been used as hauling, suspension, watercraft mooring line and in many other capacities since before recorded history.

Ropes are composed of fibers that are twisted together.

Those twisted fibers are then twisted together to make strands, which are then twisted or braided together to create rope. The direction that the fibers are twisted is often opposite of the direction in which the strands are twisted in order to cause internal friction, which reinforces the rope's strength. Learn More

Sewing Contractors

Sewing Contractors TetrafabSewing contractors manufacture products and provide services for a multitude of industries and applications. This trade employs simple and complex machines that are capable of producing high quality custom embroidery and large-scale manufacturing. Companies contract production out to industrial sewers for a wide variety of products found in nearly every business or home. They manufacture a plethora of textiles including covers, fabric enclosures, uniforms, and carrying cases. Many types of fabrics are used by sewing contractors. Vinyl-coated nylon is a lightweight, durable material that is a popular choice for bags, presentation cases and protective covers, as it is tough and weather resistant. Neoprene and Hypalon are chemical and abrasion resistant and are used in industrial applications. Canvas, which is comprised of twill, soft flannel and felt, is a breathable material used for bags and curtains, as well as many industrial applications. A sewing contractor uses a variety of anti-static materials for products in the computer and electronics industries. Other materials include suede, leather, felt, webbing, plastic, cotton and polyester. These fabrics are often custom embroidered, which is a decorative embellishment made by stitching thread by a needle. They are graphic or descriptive text and images, and they are often used by companies and businesses that want to print their logo on their products and employee uniforms. Clothing labels are attached inside of all garments, bedding, textiles and clothing that are sold commercially. Learn More

Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks – Mixer DirectStainless steel tanks are thin-walled constructions manufactured through a rolling process or welding. Although stainless steel is strong, it is vulnerable to buckling when the material is thin. Stainless steel tanks are most susceptible to damage during construction, transportation and installation.

The contents of full stainless steel tanks actually aid its stability. The shape of the tank is dependent on its diameter or height and the efficient use of material. Stainless steel tank manufacturers can make the ends of their products flat or in the shape of a dome or cone. In determining the size that a tank needs to be, consider how much extra volume should be included to cover for future process needs, such as thermal expansion or foaming, and also filling control, especially in the applications that require high speed pumping. Learn More

Wire Rope

Wire Rope – Carl Stahl Sava Industries, Inc.Wire rope consists of multiple strands of wire filament which themselves are twisted together before being wound helically around a core.

First used for mining in Germany during the mid 1800's, wire rope has become a staple in heavy industrial processes such as mining, oil rigging, bridge construction, marine applications and others that require various heavy-duty lifting and support applications such as cable railings. Learn More

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