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  • 4 Types of Plastic Pallets

    Often when people consider the different kind of pallet options, much of the focus is placed on whether to get wood or plastic pallets. Plastic pallets for sale can often have a surprising number of advantages over traditional wood pallets, such as their recyclability, cleanliness, and light weight. Although choosing the pallet material is one chose that factories must make when deciding what kind of pallet to use, it is by no means the only consideration. After deciding to go with plastic pallets, a factory must then determine what kind...

  • Plastic Vs. Wood Pallets

    Plastic and wood pallets have the same basic shape and design. The main difference in the two materials is how durable the pallet is, and how easy it is to reuse after the initial transportation use. While some people are die-hard fans of one type of pallet over another, both plastic and wood pallets have their own benefits and drawbacks. Plastic benefits: Plastic is an inexpensive material that is easy to form into a variety of shapes. Plastic pallets manufacturers can create thousands of pallets each day, which is usually...

  • Custom Pallets the Plastic Way

    Innovation has become a buzz word in all industries these days. If you cannot create something new within the market you are targeting, then your company will not last. This is partly why custom designs are vital to the survival of every manufacturing company, including the makers of plastic pallets. Custom designs allow manufacturers to cater to the needs of an individual company's needs. One industry that requires specialized plastic pallets is the dairy industry. Milk and milk related products need a certain stability that general pallet designs to not...

  • Do You Need Custom Pallets?

    Plastic pallets have many benefits over wood pallets. Although plastic pallets have a bad name in environmental circles, they can provide a wealth of benefits to factories, including improved sanitation, increased pallet life, easy recyclability when the pallet is damaged, and easy storage options. Plastic pallets are also often lighter than wood pallets, which can cut down on the fuel costs associated with transporting goods from one place to another. Standard pallets can perform well enough for many industrial applications, but some factories may find they need customized pallets for...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: TMF Corporation

    Plastic Pallets In 1988 Tom Fitzgerald set out to build a company with just one product to sell and one customer to sell it to. Our company, now doing business as the TMF Corporation, has since grown to supply the pharmaceutical, waste management and food processing industries with a full range of durable, high quality plastic pallets and other containers. Read More......


    Custom Built Plastic Pallets announced the company’s recent innovative material handling solution for VF Corp, an $11 billion apparel and footwear powerhouse with a diverse international portfolio of brands and products that reach consumers wherever they choose to shop.  Custom Built Plastic Pallets engineered a plastic pallet specifically configured for the company’s order picking forklifts. It is an innovative hybrid pallet constructed of recycled plastic providing superior strength and durability. To further customize the pallet for VF Corp’s order picking operation, a HARDWOOD 2x4 was used for the center stringer...

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Custom Pallets

Pallets are plastic platforms used to transport and store all kinds of products and goods. They are popular with many industries, among them industrial manufacturing, packaging and assembly, retail goods and services, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food and beverage, architecture, construction and more. Pallets are available in standard configurations. However, many customers benefit more from custom pallets, which are designed specifically serve individual purposes. Custom pallets, as well as custom skids, can be uniquely designed to accommodate all the features of a load, such as weight, shape and size. In the past, pallets and skids were exclusively made from wood. However, wooden pallets and skids are becoming more and more rare as they are being replaced by plastic pallets. Plastic pallets offer many advantages over wooden pallets, such as the facts that they are more durable, they are more easy to clean, they harbor fewer bacteria and they can more easily be reused. For that reason, we fill focus mainly on custom plastic pallets from here on out.

Most often, plastic custom pallets are made either from from high density polyethylene or high density polypropylene, both of which are very strong and durable materials. To make custom pallets, pallet manufacturers typically engage in one of six different plastic fabrication processes. These processes are: compression molding, injection molding, rotational molding, structural foam molding, thermoforming and profile extrusion. The most popular pallet forming processes in this list are compression molding and injection molding. The first process, compression molding, begins by heating plastic pellets until they become molten. After the pallets have melted, they are placed as one in a heated, open mold chamber. Then, the mold is closed either by a plug member or a top force and subjected to extreme pressure. While under pressure, the molten plastic material compresses and makes contact with every area of the mold, thus taking on its shape. Held down by pressure and heat, the plastic stays in this position until it has cured. Next, injection molding begins just like compression molding–with the melting of plastic pallets. After this, the process changes and it is no longer exactly like compression molding. To continue injection molding, the newly molten plastic is injected into the cavity of a mold or split die. Once inside, the mold is clamped shut and the plastic is held in place under high pressure until it cools and solidifies. To further customize the pallet making process, pallet manufacturers can design the mold to have a unique, application-specific shape; they can also mix in additives with the plastic pallets while they are being heated in order to change their physical or mechanical properties. Additives can, for example, make custom pallets more durable, more UV resistant, more waterproof or virtually anything else. The other listed methods are used less frequently because they are not as quick or easy to carry out.

Custom pallets can be specialized in a number of different important ways beyond weight, shape and size. One major area of focus in the custom pallet world is compliance with health and safety regulations. Some custom pallets may, for instance, be engineered with chemical inertness and bacteria resistant properties. This is a popular customization option for those working in pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants or restaurants, because custom pallets like these typically comply with FDA standards of safety and cleanliness. Similarly, to meet important workplace safety standards, customers may as for their custom pallets to be infused with corrosion resistant and flame retardant properties. In addition to seeking to meet the standards of health and safety regulations, companies also order custom pallets for the sake of brand recognition. This is especially true of large scale distribution operations, such as food and beverage suppliers, who wish to have their brand emblazoned on the pallets in which their products are shipped and stored. To that end, manufacturers can create pallets using any logo, printed company name and/or color. To accommodate overseas shipping, manufacturers can also engineer custom pallets to fit the standard dimension requirements of countries and unions outside of the United States and Canada, such as Europe, which mostly uses the Euro pallet.

Are you ready for your business to thrive with hardy, recognizable and compliant custom pallets? If so, get in contact with a top-notch pallet company, such as one of those listed on this page, today, in order to get your questions answered. Any company listed here will take the time to listen to your specification and requirements and figure out the best fit for your application.

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