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  • Protect Wood Pallets with Plastic Shields

    Plastic pallets offer many advantages over wood pallets. Plastic pallet companies offer many types of pallets for different uses, which allow companies and factories to choose the best pallet for their needs. However, some factories still choose to use wood pallets rather than switching to plastic. There are many problems with wood pallets, but one of the main problems that factories face is the fact that the pallets are easy to destroy. When in transport, wood pallets can easily splinter, crack, and become dented due to forklift damage and damage...

  • Should You Rent Plastic Pallets?

    Plastic pallet suppliers are always looking for new ways to help their clients. Some plastic pallet suppliers have come up with an innovative plan for customers that allows them to save money and space throughout the year. This feature allows manufacturing plants to rent pallets rather than purchasing them. Renting plastic pallets allows a manufacturing company to save on space and money, which can be extremely beneficial. Renting plastic pallets instead of buying them can bring the following benefits to manufacturing companies: Saved space: If a company buys pallets, then...

  • Plastic Pallets Manufacturers: The Plastic Process

    For the manufacturers creating the plastic pallets that storage and shipping industries, as well as those industries that store and ship items themselves depend on, there are quite a few options for forming pallets. Which method is chosen by each plastic pallet manufacturer depends on a variety of factors, including style, cost and who their target industry is. All of the following plastic pallet manufacturing techniques have positive and negative characteristics, and should be fully explored by the manufacturing company before one or more is embraced. The six major plastic...

  • Export Pallets for International Travel

    As a person who has been lucky enough to travel abroad, I must profess a fascination with the import and export policies practiced by various countries. This is understandable, since there are so many environmental issues associated with unwanted passengers, such as a variety of bug life and germs that accompany travelers inhuman and product form. The structure of standards applied to export pallets and their cargo is something that every shipping company must adhere to so that they might avoid unnecessary fines as well as protect against environmental problems....

  • Shipping Pallets Built for Employee Safety

    Plastic has become the preferred material for all sorts of pallet construction, including that of shipping pallets. Although wooden pallets are still around, there are some major issues that make them less desirable to warehouses and shipping companies utilizing them. A major factor that has turned the tide in plastic pallet favor is the risk of injury to employees handling pallets on a daily basis. For shipping pallets, this is a particular concern, since the amount of employee contact is high when moving pallets from warehouse to vehicle to destination....

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Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets are wooden or plastic pallets used exclusively for the shipping of products and materials, usually in bulk quantities. In some cases, shipping pallets are used for the transportation of a few very large or heavy products. A pallet’s function is to provide a movable platform that can support and secure an item or items.

Pallets are excellent shipping resources because they can be easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack. Once they are placed they are unlikely to move by themselves, and their loads are unlikely to shift if properly secured. When a company ships its products on pallets, they trust their reputation and their customers’ investment to the pallet materials; if a pallet fails in transit, it can damage or destroy an entire load of products. Many companies still use wooden pallets, which after frequent use can chip and become disassembled. Though some high quality wooden pallet constructions exist, many companies are realizing the benefits of investing in plastic pallets, which are generally superior in terms of durability, susceptibility to pathogenic contamination, resistance to corrosion and heat, lifespan and many other characteristics. Plastic pallets are often more expensive than wooden pallets, but that investment all but guarantees the safe transportation of goods, the long-term reuse of the pallet and fewer investments in new pallets.

Because plastic pallets are non-porous and generally much less hospitable to organisms like E. Coli and Listeria (which have been found in as many as 10% of surveyed wooden pallets in a study conducted by the National Consumers League), they can be exempt from bio-safety checks during customs inspections when shipped internationally. They are impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors and are resistant to water absorption or the growth of bacteria, infestation, mold and mildew. All of the qualities that plastic pallets boast are possible because of the materials from which they are constructed. Most plastic pallets are made from high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, though other varieties can be made from V-PP, PE, PP or recycled PET plastic. Companies that export products to countries in Europe, Asia and in other markets have to take those markets’ standard pallet sizes into consideration when shipping. Many European countries, for example, make use of a different pallet standard called the Euro pallet. The Euro pallet is much smaller than the American standard pallet, and because of recent laws in European countries intended to cut down on packaging waste, it can be costly for European importers to dispose of American pallets. Many exporting companies have adjusted their operations to accommodate this difference.

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