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  • A Warehouse Necessity

    Imagine entering a room so large you can not see the other side from the one you entered, and ceilings so high you would have to perch on the very edge of a very tall ladder to touch it. Rows upon rows of shelving is all you can see, the landscape only varied by occasional industrial vehicles moving along the rows, distributing plastic pallets full of goods onto or off of the shelving, or storage units. If you haven't already guessed, you are in a warehouse. These industrial environments are...

  • Drum Pallets: Large and In Charge

    When you are a plastic pallet, there are a couple of specific characteristics you have regardless of any specialized details that may have also been incorporated into your design. You are made from a sturdy, chemical and corrosion resistant material such as HDPE, which is high-density polyethylene, and are designed with many small gaps within your framework to make you easy to clean without compromising your structural strength. Another major similarity between all plastic pallets is that you are rarely alone since industrial settings that use plastic pallets like you...

  • Nestable Pallets: The Ultimate Space Saver

    Of all the pallet options, of which all are designed to save space in warehouses, shipping companies and similar industries, why would a company invest in nestable pallets instead of euro pallets or stackable pallets? The answer is simple; the nestable pallets save even more space, particularly for companies, such as food processing or retail that need to store their pallets when not in use. Nestable pallets are designed to fit together with minimal waste of stackable space, which enables more of them to be stored in one place till...

  • The Flame Resistant Plastic Pallets

    The pallet industry has been necessary for the storing and shipping of goods for many years, and one would think there isn't much that can be improved on when a design as simple as a pallet is involved. However, the material used to create a pallet can make all the difference in the world. The development of plastic pallets considerably altered the safety and ease of transport in the pallet industry. Wooden pallets, the plastic pallet predecessor that lingers in some companies but is becoming more and more rare, were...

  • What Fun! With Stackable Pallets

    Although pallets are generally used in industrial settings, and are therefore not expected to be playful or attractive, an association regarding contact with color affecting a person's emotional state has been proven. It therefore stands to reason that colorful pallets, such as stackable pallets that are utilized in warehouses, factories and shipping companies have a more positive impact on workers' moods. Another reason bright and colorful pallets are useful is for organizational purposes. All pallets, particularly the very popular plastic pallets, are practical and necessary; the fun factor is just...

  • Packaging With Pallets

    Pallets are considered a necessity in the manufacturing realm. Virtually every product that is transported uses pallets in some way. They provide a surface to safely and easily transport products in company trucks and other transportation vehicles. In the manufacturing world space is often tight, and looking for ways to effectively and efficiently use the space that is provided becomes important. By using nestable pallets during the transportation process, they take up less space when they are not in use, which is a huge benefit when you are dealing with...

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Stackable Pallets

Stackable pallets and skids are moveable storage and transportation platforms designed to be stacked on other pallets and their loads. Many kinds of pallets cannot be stacked; some of them feature lower surfaces that are irregularly shaped and would damage the loads on which they would rest (though such pallet configurations are often nestable because of their shape). Stackable pallets often feature a flat, minimally textured lower surface that can be placed on top of uniformly flat loads.

In settings where large volumes of products must be stored or shipped, stacking loads allow for a way to save space and increase storage and shipping capacity. Warehouses, factories, shipping companies and the US Postal Service opt to save space and improve efficiency by stacking pallets. Because of the risks that present themselves when heavy loads are stacked on top of each other, many industries order their stacking procedures according to strict guidelines or regulations. To avoid the risk of worker injury and damage to pallet loads, weight restrictions are placed on loads stacks. Industry professionals usually stack pallets and loads according to the static load capacity of the bottom pallet. Static load is the maximum load-bearing capacity of a fully loaded pallet at the bottom of a stack of loaded pallets. 

Many plastic pallets are made of high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, which is a strong plastic that is durable and easily shaped into different configurations. Some pallets can be made of other plastics like V-PP, PE, PP and recycled PET, but HDPE is the most common material. Stackable pallets are usually injection molded. The injection molding of a pallet involves the injection of molten plastic into a mold. Molds are specially designed cavities shaped like the intended final product. The molten plastic fills the mold and takes its shape. The plastic is then allowed to cool and harden. Injection molded plastics are lightweight and can withstand extended exposure to inhospitable temperatures. Many kinds of plastic pallets are corrosion-resistant and non-reactive, which makes them useful in the transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals. Plastic pallets are a more expensive initial investment than wooden pallets, but their service life of seven to ten years compared to wood pallets’ less than two years, their durability (which reduces risks to load integrity) and their other qualities make them a good investment for many companies.

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