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  • The Benefits of Nestable Pallets

    Plastic pallet manufacturers create a variety of plastic pallets for different transportation needs, including bacteria-resistant pallets, bag pallets, custom-sized pallets, jumbo pallets, biodegradable pallets, collapsible pallets, and many others. It seems that nearly every individual industry has their own unique needs for packaging and pallets. One form of plastic pallet that is highly useful in many different industries is the nestable plastic pallet. This kind of pallet is built so that when the pallets are empty, they can fit together in a compact way that is easy to store and...

  • The Pallet Fight

    Just about every product that you have purchased has been at one time stacked or shipped on a plastic pallet. Pallets are widely used because it makes it easier for machines and manufacturing equipment to lift them up all at once. Pallets come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal and plastic. Although traditionally most pallets are made from wood, the benefits of plastic pallets are starting to gain the attention of pallet users everywhere. Plastic pallets provide a more hygienic option than wood pallets, as they are easily...

  • The Hygienic Rackable Pallets

    If you are in the food processing or pharmaceutical industry and in need of a clean and efficient pallet system to transport your products from manufacturer to warehouse to commercial venue, then this series of plastic pallets is perfect for you. Hygienic pallets are available now in a variety of styles, including the rackable pallets featured here. All pallets are utilized in warehouses and shipping companies to store and move products in a safe and efficient manner. Rackable pallets, or pallet racks are specifically designed with a base containing spaces...

  • Nestable Pallets: Not Exclusive to Plastic

    by: Gary Sharon, Litco International, Inc. One popular misconception in the logistics world is that plastic pallets are inherently superior to wooden alternatives thanks to their (optional) nestable design and resistance to edge impact and infestation. Their manufacture does not result in deforestation, and at the end of their useful life, plastic pallets can be converted to re-grind and used to manufacture new items. For these reasons, some logistics managers view their plastic pallet use as the ultimate nod to environmental sustainability. Many of these claims seem valid when comparing...

  • Increasing Lift Truck Safety and Plant Efficiencies with Presswood Pallet Solutions

    According to National Safety Council, fork lift accidents result in an average of 101 fatalities and 94,570 injuries each year.  Although lift trucks are a necessary to maintain the efficient flow of raw materials and finished goods through manufacturing facilities, their use poses risks to both their operators and pedestrian traffic in your plant.   This article explains how pallet design influences fork lift traffic in manufacturing facilities and distribution centers and explores why presswood pallets may be a safer, more efficient alternative to conventional pallets. One of the most prominent...

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Rackable Pallets

Rackable pallets are plastic pallets or skids that are used for transportation or storage of materials, though their use is limited mostly to storage applications. Many storage rack designs that are applied in warehouses feature only networks of metal frames; often they will consist only of metal vertical beams and cross beams with no horizontal plane on which to place items for storage. The reason for this bare construction is that rackable pallets are designed to fit squarely on those beams, which allows for their easy, safe and efficient placement and removal by forklifts and jacks.

The base of a given rackable plastic pallet determines what kind of storage rack it is suited for. Many plastic pallet bases feature leg designs that allow for the easiest entry by forklift attachments. They usually feature four legs at the corners of the pallet frame, one leg in the middle of the pallet and one leg placed at the middle of each of the pallet’s sides. This construction allows for forklift access from any side, though forklift operators must be especially careful when racking this kind of pallet. Other varieties feature pallets with “picture frame” bases, which are completely flat on the top and bottom surfaces but feature hollow channels in their middles for forklift access.

Most rackable pallets are made of injection molded high-density polyethylene, or HDPE. HDPE is known for its strength and durability, which make it an excellent choice in demanding applications. The injection molding process is a common method for processing plastics because of its relative ease and simplicity. The process requires a supply of raw plastic material; the material can be newly processed, or it can come from recycled plastic products. In both cases, the raw material is loaded into a conveyance channel that leads to a mold cavity. The mold cavity is specially designed in the shape of the intended plastic product. A long screw in the conveyance channel heats and pressurizes the plastic material, which brings it to a molten state. The molten plastic is then ready to be injected into the mold cavity where it takes the mold’s shape. Once it has been shaped, the plastic cools and hardens. It is then ejected from the mold and made ready for customer use. Five other plastic fabrication processes are also used to create plastic pallets: structural foam molding, thermoforming, compression molding, rotational molding and profile extrusion. Injection molding is the most common process because it is a comparatively simple process and produces durable products.

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