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Fibertech is one of the industry’s leading, customer-driven plastic rotational molding companies. William Scott founded our company on his deep understanding of the plastic container industry which he gained during his time spent repairing damaged containers. Our company released its own brand of rotomolded bulk containers in 1999 that proved to be one of the most durable containers on the market. Today we manufacture many different plastic products, specializing in material handling containers, but since the beginning, we have focused on one thing: our customers. Our company believes that “the relationships you make with your customers are as important as what you make.”

We are dedicated to supplying our customers with a huge selection of quality, standard plastic products. With our experience, we have developed and engineered exceptional plastic products like bulk containers, plastic pallets, and storage bins. These products are all designed to simplify and improve shipping, storing, and handling. Each bin, pallet, or container is constructed from high quality plastic materials that enhance durability and product longevity. Our plastic containers are even FDA and USDA compliant, so they are perfect storage and shipping solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

Customers with more unique and special requirements will be happy to know that we also offer impressive custom rotational molding services. Our custom rotomolding team is committed to meeting your exact specifications, and they will assist you in the process of designing and manufacturing your products. Our team can foresee potential manufacturing issues and develop a cost-effective, timely solution for your specific applications. Whether you need a simple shipping or special bulk storage solution, Fibertech welcomes your requirements and will work tirelessly to provide you with a durable and reliable solution.

Articles and Press Releases

  • Fibertech to Introduce Three New Laundry Truck Models

    Beginning this spring, Fibertech will further expand their inventory of material handling equipment by introducing three new models of laundry trucks....

  • No Metal Pallets - Fibertech Inc.

    All of our pallets are manufactured with USDA and FDA-approved polyethylene and a functional one-piece design. Read the other benefits of plastic pallets here....

  • What Kinds of Products Are Made with Rotational Molding?

    Rotomolding has a number of benefits, including its customizable nature, durability, and ability to process extremely large products. Read more here....

  • Is there any quality difference between virgin and completely recycled material carts?

    One of the top 10 questions asked about our laundry carts is, “Is there any quality difference between virgin and 100% recycled material?” At first glance, virgin plastic laundry carts might seem better than regrind carts, but actually this is not true. Both regrind and virgin plastic offer the exact same durability, capacity, and performance, but regrind carts have two added benefits; they are better for the environment and have a lower price tag. Keep reading to discover why so many businesses are choosing our laundry carts made...

  • From Rolling Laundry Carts to Recycling Bins and Utility Carts, Here's How You Can Benefit from a Variety of Carts

    Regardless of which industry you're involved in, there's a good chance you produce a fair amount of materials on a daily basis that need to be collected and transported elsewhere. Clutter and overflow in the workplace will dramatically reduce productivity, so you need innovative solutions to store and transport product and materials....

  • 3 Reasons to Choose Fibertech Rolling Laundry Carts

    The cleaning industry is a significant force in the U.S. economy, despite being far from the most glamorous. In fact, there were approximately 3.2 million people working in the cleaning services industry in the United States as of May 2013. Whether you're a commercial laundry service, delivery company, hospital, hotel, or any of the other many industries that utilize laundry trucks and rolling laundry carts, a quality product is essential....

  • 5 Industries That Can Use Fibertech's Commercial Rolling Laundry Trucks

    At Fibertech Inc. we pride ourselves on the durable, convenient, and quality products we design and manufacture through custom rotational molding. From plastic pallets to bulk containers, rotomolding is a unique four-stage process that uses heat and resin to create high-quality plastic products that can range in size from small to incredibly large....

  • Let Fibertech Take Your Rotationally Molded Project to the Next Level

    Over the last two decades, Fibertech has engineered and developed a complete line of Rotationally Molded material handling products. Our proprietary line of reusable bulk containers and material handling carts have become a nationwide favorite by North America’s largest food processing companies and commercial laundry facilities. Our knowledge and experience in these industries has also allowed the addition of many custom manufactured products while actively providing our customers with environmentally responsible plastic solutions....

  • 3 of the Most Useful Custom Plastic Containers to Use with Forklifts

    The people who use forklifts every day know that these pieces of equipment are one of man's greatest inventions. Whether you work in a commercial setting or industrial warehouse, they help turn what would otherwise be a full day's project into a quick 15-minute job. Wooden, metal, and plastic pallets are typically thought of as the platforms used to maneuver things around with forklifts, but custom plastic containers are quickly becoming popular in a variety of industries....

  • 5 Fast Facts on Fibertech's Rotational Molded Laundry Trucks

    Fibertech can help the people in your cleaning service division become more efficient if you invest in our laundry trucks....

  • Fibertech Inc. Installs Ferry RS-4000

    Fibertech has been involved in the Plastics industry for 26 years and excels in customer service and product quality....

  • Fibertech Inc. Expanding Facilities

    Fibertech announces an expansion to their Elberfeld, IN location....

  • Fibertech Laundry Carts Make Impact at CLEAN Show

    At this year’s CLEAN show, Fibertech was able to meet face to face with customers and show off its impressive line of rotationally molded laundry carts....

  • Fibertech Promotes

    Fibertech, Inc. has promoted Greg Martin to Senior Account Manager of Custom Molding. Read this article to learn about Greg’s new position with the company!...

  • Improved Design on the LT67 Laundry Cart

    Fibertech, Inc. has an improved design for their laundry cart. The cart can now better handle the weight of the linens put in the cart. Read more about it!...

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