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  • Cambridge, ON

    Shred-Tech is an industry leader in the custom design and manufacturing of waste reduction systems and shredding machinery for a variety of recycling applications. Our Mobile and Stationary shredding solutions can handle a wide variety of materials including e-waste, plastics, paper, and metals. Contact us today or visit us online for more details.

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  • Archdale, NC

    Since Vecoplan was founded in Germany in 1969, they have been striving to provide quality products and superior service. Now, with footholds in many additional countries, including the US, they continue to influence the market with various types of equipment, including cardboard shredders. No matter what material you’re working with, Vecoplan has a solution for you.

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  • Wilsonville, OR

    Since they opened their doors in 1980, SSI Shredding Systems has extended the limits of shredding applications. They have been able to design, build and support unique solutions all around the world. From your basic plastic shredders to a much more complicated device, they have what you are looking for. They will work with you to find the equipment that will best suit your needs.

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  • Grand Prairie, TX

    Our plastic shredders are designed specifically for use with plastic and nothing else! We know that shredding plastic is a completely different animal from shredding any other material. That is why some of our shredders are built for use with plastic only. Find out more by visiting and view our Shredder PRODUCT or APPLICATIONS page.

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Plastic Shredders Industry Information

Plastic Shredders

In the process of recycling, Plastic shredders are utilized to reduce the size of larger plastic products to fine, evenly sized particles also known as granules.

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Purpose of Plastic Shredders

Plastic is a vital and versatile material, but can be difficult to dispose of once a plastic product has no longer become useful. Fortunately, plastic shredders are able to effectively break down scrap and used plastic products in order for the plastic to be effectively melted down and used to fabricate new products. Plastic shredders are an important part of the plastic recycling process, and can be designed to process plastic products of a wide variety of sizes and configurations. These items include pipes, plastic bales, car parts, drums, profiles, packaging material, small bottles, and small bags.

Design of Plastic Shredders

Each processing shaft is designed, to some extent, to absorb sound and vibration. They are equipped with a set of at least two rotors that are made from steel or stainless steel, making them durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion. The rotors feature rotating blades that cut through and tear apart the plastic material. Once the material is broken down, the granules are collected in a dispenser basket. In order to ensure uniformity and that they are small enough to be effectively melted down, the granules may be sifted through a screen.

In addition to the desired output, another consideration to make is the capacity in which the materials are being shredded. The larger the machine’s capacity, the larger the volume of materials can be shredded at a time, reducing the need for additional cycles. If a shredder is used at its full capacity, the likelihood of the machine needing frequent maintenance increases. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose a shredder whose capacity is slightly higher than you need. Balancing the capacity is essential for successfully installing a shredder, as oversizing the load may increase both power consumption and necessary space.

Types of Plastic Shredders

Depending on how large the shredding operation is, plastic shredders can also be equipped with more than one processing shaft. Horizontal shredders are recommended for long, linear products such as siding and profiles. Alternatively, vertical shredders are used for all other types of product. Shredders can also be either automatic or manual. Automatic feeders utilize a conveyor belt to load materials into the shredder, in turn optimizing the shredder’s performance and the time needed to shred the materials. Shredders with a manual feeder feature a hopper where materials are either fed by a forklift or by hand.

Application of Plastic Shredders

Plastic is not a biodegradable material. However, many types of plastic are recyclable. Thus, it is possible to keep waste and production costs at a minimum, and cut down the demand for petrochemicals that are used to process plastic. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a used plastic product be recycled if possible. Plastic shredders are also used outside of the recycling industry, such as in the fields of electronics, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. There are some instances where a plastic shredder doesn’t reduce material to a small enough granule size. In these cases, a granulator may be used alongside the plastic shredder as a secondary process to reduce the granules to an even smaller size. Various types of plastics can be put through a plastic shredder, including LDPE, HIPE, HDPE, and PVC. There are some types of plastic shredders that are used for specific types of products.

Standards & Specifications for Plastic Shredders

According to numerous studies, people who operate plastic shredding equipment or who work in close proximity to them may be at risk for inhaling potentially hazardous dust that the plastic shredder expels. Therefore, regulations have been put in place regarding air quality and safety in the workspace to keep this risk to a minimum. In selecting a shredder, it is important to consider safety, noise, portability, and maintenance requirements. Portable shredders allow for more flexibility, but are not at all practical if large volumes and heavy loads are necessary.

Plastic shredders are built to endure strong vibrations and a heavy amount of stress. However, it is important to analyze the maintenance requirements of a shredder before making the final purchase. For example, the blades of the shredder will eventually wear down and become dull, requiring the blades to be sharpened, adjusted, or replaced. Due to the wide range of configurations in which plastic shredders are available, requirements such as labor costs, cost and availability of spare parts, and downtime. Fortunately, shredder manufacturers will work alongside you to make sure you invest in a shredder with all of the appropriate specifications.

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    Vecoplan, LLC has hired Nolan Lamb as the western regional sales director for its plastics business.   The transition into the newly created position has been seamless, as Nolan came from magnetics manufacturer Bunting, where he worked extensively with plastics customers. There, he specialized in marketing auxiliary equipment such as infeed, discharge, and transfer conveyors. Further, his product array included metal detection and magnetic separation equipment designed to remove, move, and detect metal contaminants, oftentimes with customers using granulators and shredders. Lamb studied accounting and entrepreneurship at the... Read More About This

WEIMA to return to NPE in 2015

The International Plastics Showcase—NPE—is the world’s largest plastics industry tradeshow, and as a leader in plastics size reduction technology, WEIMA will be present once again. NPE will be held in Orlando, Florida from March 23rd-27th, 2015. WEIMA America is bringing a diverse range of machinery. With so many types of plastic waste, WEIMA is sure to have a machine that will be the perfect fit. The WEIMA WLK10 will be on display featuring the robust WEIMA gearbox and 4-sided serrated ram. It will include an E-Rotor design, which is... Read More About This