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  • Cambridge, ON

    For the latest technology in hard drive shredders, we can help! We provide the ultimate quality and affordability for all our customers. Looking for a specialized shredding solution? We can help! We will work with you to find whatever you need and install it for you so you can get on with your business! Find what you need from us today!

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  • Archdale, NC

    Are you in need of hard drive shredders? Our customers receive a number of benefits when they select us their shredder provider. We manufacture shredders that guarantee complete size reduction and our highly innovated products are energy efficient. Our teams offer fast turnaround on all orders and if an issue ever arises then we will work with you to quickly repair your systems. Give us a call today to learn more information!

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  • Wilsonville, OR

    Electronics shredding can be a challenge, because so many different materials are involved. Luckily, we design hard drive shredders and other electronic shredders that are designed to reduce the hassle of electronics shredding. If you need something customized, we can help you find the perfect solution to your shredding needs. Find out more by contacting us today!

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  • Grand Prairie, TX

    Processing electronic scrap presents special challenges. Hard drives and other electronics need to be destroyed to extract recyclables or ensure the security of the product and data security. While many electronic scrap items do not require the specific size reduction that hard drives or other data storage devices require, all electronic scrap includes recoverable materials that can be recycled for future use. As a result, separation and recovery are critical elements of the shredding process.

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  • Sarasota, FL

    Since 1982 CM Recycling Equipment Solutions has specialized in finding ways to turn used tires into usable materials. Our tenure as manufacturers of recycling equipment has been characterized by innovation unlike any the industry has seen before: we’ve spent the last 20 years patenting new ways to make tire recycling more efficient. Visit our website to learn more about our unique processes.

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  • Buffalo, NY

    We manufacture a couple different types of shredding machinery—automobile shredders and tire shredders. The auto shredders are available with 1,000-7,000 hp motors. Tire shredding can happen as powder, crumb, chunks or chips. We also have nonferrous separation units—EddySort™ and SuperEddy™.

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Shredding to Protect from Identity Theft

In recent years the economy has really declined and people are becoming desperate and doing whatever is takes to make financial gains. Sadly, this has resulted in more theft and steeling going on. Identity theft has been on the rise throughout these hard times and more of us will fall victim to it this year than ever before. People are getting their hands on our precious information through the internet and hard drives that we throw away with our personal and private information on them. As good civilians we must... Read More

IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: WEIMA America, Inc.

by Amy Harris, IQS Editor For the last twenty-five years, WEIMA has been making the world a cleaner and greener place to live. Specializing in intelligent shredding technologies, the company is focused on providing shredding and briquetting services around the world, supporting recycling and waste reduction efforts. Originally founded in Germany in 1986, WEIMA America was created in 1999 to better serve its North American customers. WEIMA works with traditional recycling markets for plastic, wood, paper and biomass, as well as with the shredder industry. With constant improvement and development,... Read More

Dana Darley Joins Vecoplan, LLC

Dana Darley has joined Vecoplan, LLC as National Sales Manager of their Plastics Division. In addition to overseeing the plastics division sales team, and external network of sales representatives dedicated to plastics, Mr. Darley will act as the primary liaison between customers and other departments within Vecoplan that address the needs of the plastics industry. These include the company’s Research & Development and Marketing departments.   As part of Vecoplan’s ongoing commitment to constant product improvement, through innovations within existing technologies and invention of new technologies, Mr. Darley will communicate... Read More

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Hard Drive Shredders

Hard drive shredders are industrial shredders that are used for permanently destroying computer hard drives. A hard drive is the electronic memory storage center of a computer. This is where all of a computer’s program files and documents are stored. Digitally stored information is difficult to delete; even after deleting files using a computer’s operating system, residual data remains unless it is overwritten or if the drive is physically destroyed.

A hard drive shredder combines the effectiveness of jagged, crushing rotors with assembly line efficiency. Though programs exist that allow for the complete erasure of data from a hard drive, clients like the United States military and large companies weigh the potential waste and environmental degradation caused by electronics pollution against the peace of mind that hard drive shredders afford. No data survive passage through a hard drive shredder. In order to smash through plastic and metal computer parts, hard drive shredders are be especially powerful. They often feature saw tooth hook cutters or rotary blades that cross-cut vertically and horizontally. The products of this shredding process are shards of metal, some of which are toxic, and none of which can be legally disposed of in landfills.

Though shredded hard drives would be difficult to reuse, some of the materials left over can be recycled once shredded. Hard drives are composed of significant amounts of aluminum and magnetic materials. Many varieties of electronic waste, as well as some hard drives, can contain trace amounts of gold, silver, lead and other elements, all of which are valuable if harvested. However, recycling efficiency of the trace elements found in computer circuitry is low, and new developments in reclaiming them are not fully developed. Despite the challenges to recycling shredded hard drive parts, hard drive shredding is the most effective and sustainable method of hard drive disposal compared to other methods like incineration, which precludes recycling and in extremely rare cases does not ensure data destruction. Hard drive shredding services are not as common as document shredding services, though they are gaining prominence as stories about identity theft and corporate espionage flood news headlines. Mobile hard drive shredding services have emerged as a result of increasing demand.

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