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  • Vecoplan, LLC: Shredding Innovation

    Paper Shredders Vecoplan, LLC has been providing shredders and shredding technology to a variety of industries since 1969. Our company was started in Bad Merienber, Westerwald, Germany and in 2000 we successfully started business operations in the North American Market. Read more......

  • Shredding, Shredding, Shredding

    We live in a scary world where our lives can easily be stolen by someone finding a way to access our credit card or social security number. And while some items, license and passport, must simply be kept in a safe place at all times, what about those other items that are not needed on a frequent basis. These could be your last credit card bill, bank statement or another valuable document that while should be saved temporarily, after that can be disposed of? These documents are not something to...

  • For All That Paper

    Working in an office, it is amazing to me how much paper is gone through everyday. There are faxes, invoices, bills and countless other miscellaneous paper products that get printed out each and everyday. While many of these are kept and filed, a great deal more must be disposed of. Shredders can help in these situations to prepare the paper for eventual recycling. They shred each piece, making sure that none of the valuable or personal information is readable. This helps to prevent identity theft and other issues that could...

  • The Wonderful World of Shredders

    The world has come a long way and the average person's life has become much more complicated. Doctor visits, bank statements, hard drives and more personal items are being recorded everyday, and in the wrong hands, this sort of information could be dangerous. Technology has made life easier in many ways, but it also has drawbacks such as identity theft. To prevent identity and other forms of theft, businesses, corporations and other organizations make it a priority to properly dispose of all the paper materials. This means lots and lots...

  • Introducing V-ECO Shredders from Vecoplan

    New for 2015, V-ECO shredders feature the latest innovations in size reduction from Vecoplan, the world leader in recycling technologies. Shredders, in the V-ECO series, feature VFD Inverter Drives, “W” Rotors Embedded with 5 Rows of Cutters, Single or Double Rows of Bed Knives, Pneumatic Assist Drop Down Screen Carriages, Hydraulic Lift-Up Cutting Chamber Floors, and Externally Adjustable Cutting Tolerances. VFD Inverter Drives eliminate gearboxes and fluid couplings, sense tramp metal and stop automatically, match rotor speeds and torque to load volume and material tenacity. “W” Rotors are equally suited...

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Paper Shredders

Paper shredders are industrial shredding machines that are used for the shredding of paper. Paper shredders serve primarily as document disposal systems. Document disposal is important in industry, commerce and in consumer products contexts for the protection of private information.

In consumer contexts, document shredders are used to destroy outdated or otherwise unneeded documents that contain sensitive personal information like receipts, bills and many other documents that may contain information that could compromise an individual’s privacy if disposed of without shredding. In commercial contexts, document shredders are an essential part of protecting customer privacy, trade secrets and many other business functions that require secure destruction of sensitive paper documents. Hospitals, banks and government agencies rely heavily on machines and services to prevent accidental disclosure of confidential information. The range of different paper shredder configurations begins with simple, waste bin-sized consumer strip-cut shredders and ends with industrial-scale multi-axis paper shredders used by companies that specialize in document shredding for other companies. These shredders can often shred thousands of pounds of paper per hour. Some document shredding services even offer mobile shredding services, which can involve a shredding machine installed in the back of a truck that travels to businesses and collects material to be shredded.

Paper shredders are classified according to the type of end-product they create. Strip-cut shredders produce long strips the same length as the paper being shredded. While common in homes and small businesses, these shredders are the least secure and produce the largest volume of waste. Cross-cut shredders use two rotating drums to create smaller rectangle or parallelogram shaped pieces, while particle-cut shredders create tiny square or circular pieces. Granulators and disintegrators produce even smaller pieces, cutting paper randomly until it is small enough to pass through a mesh. Hammermills pass paper through a screen, shredding it in the process. Lastly, pierce and tear shredders do as their name suggests; they pierce and tear until the paper is shredded. Paper shredding is an all around excellent means of secure document disposal. It is effective, and the byproducts are almost always completely recyclable. Because most paper recycling processes involve a pulping process, the small size of the shredded particles does not preclude recycling. Paper shredding has become so important to industry and commerce in the United States that federal standards have been developed to regulate the process by which important documents are disposed of in certain contexts. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act (GLB), and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) are just a few examples of these regulations.

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