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  • Monterey, CA

    Sierra`s Innova-Switch™ electronic instruments and devices represent the state-of-the-art in gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control. All of our products, like the standard level switches, meet a broad range of performance and environmental application requirements. Our switches are easy to install and work reliably long term, which means you can depend on them.

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  • Oxnard, CA

    Since 1956, Harwil Corporation has been providing quality design and manufacturing of electro mechanical fluid flow and liquid level switches as well as pump emergency shutdown controllers. All of Harwil’s level switches are designed with a focus on producing simple, reliable, low cost units with broad operating flexibility in a multitude of physical, thermal and chemical operating environments.

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  • Hillside, IL

    Distributing electronic tank level switches is the focus of our company. Let us solve your level gauging needs. We offer liquid level switches by Delavan, Omnitrol, Shand & Jurs and L&J Engineering. Some types include top mounted level switches, and liquid level switches offering alarm systems.

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  • Davenport, IA

    CME manufactures pressure switches, differential switches, level switches, vacuum switches, temperature switches and solid state pressure switches. CME serves a range of industries and markets with quality switches and related components. Call us today or visit our website for more information on our products and services.

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  • Houston, TX

    AMOT USA remains a ground-breaker in temperature and pressure sensing and control. We have pioneered quality components, including level switches, for nearing 60 years. Try our electric level switch, stainless steel pneumatic level valve and other mechanisms for a total engine solution. Other products include a line of pressure switches.

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Liquid Level Switch Industry Information

Liquid Level Switches

Liquid level switches are liquid measurement and control utilities. They are used to determine and manage the amount of a liquid in all kinds of storage and transmission systems. Level switches and level sensors are important tools because they provide information about quantities, pressurization, flow, and other details regarding the state of liquid storage and transmission equipment.

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Applications of Liquid Level Switches

Liquid level switches have a variety of applications, including flow line monitoring, household appliances, such as heaters and furnaces, automotive, and control technology. Liquid level switches are useful in many contexts. In fuel storage tanks, for example, tank level indicators can be used to prevent the tank from becoming overfilled during a refilling process. These measurement technologies may include sensors using differential pressure sensing, optical sensing and control, sonic or radar, microwave, and pressure-sensing membranes. These switches and their sensors can, if necessary, be finely tuned to measure extremely minute changes in liquid levels.

Liquid Level Switch Design and Function

Liquid level switches can be constructed from a variety of materials, including bronze, plastic, PVC, and stainless steel. They may also be constructed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, and PTFE switches are available for use in high-purity applications. There are many different liquid level switch configurations.

Liquid levels are measured by the activating or deactivating of a reed switch, relay, or a solid-state switch. When the switch's circuit is completed or broken, the signal sent from the switch can be relayed to open or closed valves, operate pumps, and initiate other processes. Simple optical sensors, for example, involve the use of LED systems. An LED is used to shine an infrared light through a tank. If the light beam is interrupted, a signal is sent to control equipment indicating levels.

The simplest liquid level switch variety is the float level switch, which involves a hollow buoy attached to indicating circuits. When the enclosure in which the level switch is installed is empty, the buoy hangs toward the bottom of the enclosure because of gravity. When the enclosure is sufficiently filled, the rising liquid line causes the buoy to rise. If the buoy rises enough, the circuit in the indicator will close. A signal is then sent from the indicator to gauges or control equipment. Most other liquid level switch varieties are a variation on that design.


New Low-Water Cutoff Devices Provide Compact Protection for Boilers and Steam Generators

April 29, 2014: Gems Sensors & Controls has introduced a new line of compact low-water cutoff devices to provide critical protection for boilers and steam generators. The new LWC-700/720/800 Series offer a variety of configurations and functions for application in most water feed vessels. They feature redundant switches within the liquid level sensors, and electronic controllers to deactivate systems before a water supply problem can damage or create a critical situation in boiler or steam generation equipment. They meet CSD1 requirements and are U.L. Recognized per UL-353 for “Limit Control”. ... Read More About This

New Capacitive Level Sensor for Non-Contact Detection of Challenging Fluids

Plainville CT – Gems Sensors & Controls releases the new CAP-100 series capacitive liquid level sensors that offer accurate level sensing through the walls of a wide variety of bottle types including fiberglass, glass, and plastic. These sensors are compact and ideally suited for medical applications including waste, reagent, buffer or diluent as well as dark, sticky or viscous fluids. The level monitoring is conducted from outside the sealed container which is especially useful for vessels containing biohazardous liquids. They are easy to calibrate, available in both aqueous and non-aqueous... Read More About This