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  • Controlling Liquids with RF Sensors

    A capacitance level sensor is a level sensor that operates off of radio frequencies. They are often called RF level sensors, as an abbreviation for radio frequency. They are sometimes also referred to as admittance level sensors. These sensors detect the level of a material based on the alternating current circuit that changes along with the level of the liquid or material. These sensors are highly useful for measurement readings where accuracy is extremely important, such as when measuring molten metal or other dangerous liquids or chemicals. A capacitance level...

  • Save Money with Combo Switches

    Level control switches are a highly useful product in many different industries. A factory uses a level switch to determine the level of a liquid or material inside a container. If the level falls below or rises above the ideal level for that container or substance, the switch can automatically alert a different machine to add more liquid, remove some liquid, or shut the system down completely until the issue is resolved. Level control switch manufacturers create a variety of switches to detect different elements inside a container. Some switches...

  • SOR Achieves Coveted SIL Certification for Pressure and Level Switches

    SOR Pressure and Level Switches are Certified for use in IEC 61508 SIL Applications Lenexa, Kan. (April 30, 2012) - SOR announced today that the company's line of pressure, differential pressure, temperature, vacuum and level switches have been certified fit for use in SIL (Safety Integrity Level) environments. SOR is one of only a few manufacturers in the industry to offer its entire range of switches certified to IEC 61508 safety standard. To obtain SIL certification, the products were assessed by FM Approvals per the requirements of IEC 61508 Parts...

  • Key Instrumentation Considerations in Medical Gas Delivery Systems

    The provisioning of medical gases to hospitals, mobile health providers and in-patient care environments requires absolute conformance to stringent industry standards. As a result, manufacturers, distributors and facility safety managers must have complete confidence in supply quality and continuity. It is important to note that, whilst accredited governing bodies do set critical industry health and safety guidelines, they neither evaluate nor inspect medical gas equipment, facilities, pipelines, nor other infrastructure. Compliance is therefore the direct responsibility of the medical gas OEM or integrator, along with the individual facility into which...

  • Sierra's Flow Meter Technical Support and Repair Capability

    Great Service Starts with YOU!     Tecnical Support Manager, Jim Oswald joins Service Repair Manager, Brenda Kibbee to discuss Sierra's commitment to world class service and technical support. Learn about Sierra's global flow meter service centers, flow calibration on primary standards, and drive to please customers....

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Level Control Switch

Level control switches are used specifically for material flow control, ensuring that levels remain within a specific, designated range. Typically, the materials need to remain within the certain range for safety purposes, or because the process depends on having a very specific amount of the material. In addition, level control switches can be used for materials such as liquids, slurries, solids and sludge.

Level control switches can be essential components in many applications and are used in a wide range of industries, including industrial, for use in manufacturing and processing applications; marine, for use in control of shipboard vessel liquid levels; commercial, for use in applications such as in office buildings, restaurants and more; residential, for use in water level control applications for houses, condominiums and multi-storied apartment buildings; and appliance, for use in water level control in dishwashers, clothes washers and more. Additionally, level control switches can be used in industries such as automotive, defense contracting, wastewater, agriculture, chemical processing and petroleum. Although there are many domestic applications in which level control switches are utilized, it is in the industrial applications that their high-precision and efficiency become crucial.

While there are many different ways in which level control switches can function, there are methods that are more commonly used for industrial purposes. Some of these measurement techniques include differential pressure level switches, diaphragm level switches, optical level switches and ultrasonic level sensors. For differential pressure level control, the level of the material is determined from the difference between the two pressures (the pressure at the bottom of the tank compared to the atmospheric pressure) being equal to the height of the material when it is multiplied by the specific gravity of the material. Diaphragm level control operates in much the same way, determining the level by means of the pressure that is produced at the given depth of a material with a known specific gravity. Optical level switches and ultrasonic level switches, on the other hand, operate in a much different manner than differential pressure and diaphragm level switches. Optical level switches function by using optical sensors in order to use the light transmittance, reflective or refractive properties of the material being measured to  determine its level. Ultrasonic level switches operate by utilizing the energy of ultrasonic acoustic waves, which are sound waves that have frequencies above the normal audible range. They operate by bouncing ultrasonic signals off of materials. The time it takes for the signal to bounce back to the switch indicates the level of the material.

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