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Founded in 1971, Sierra Instruments quickly earned its role as an industry leader providing cost efficient high-performance fluid flow measurement and control instrumentation. Like our product line, this role and reputation for excellence has only improved over time with more than 150 locations in over 50 countries to provide a robust network of customer service and support. We understand the importance of customer service and strive to meet each and every one of our customers’ goals to ensure satisfaction. Sierra serves customers not only across the globe, but also throughout the industrial sector. Standard and customized flow indicators , controls and measurement instrumentation ensure that the company offers the most cost-effective and overall efficient piece of equipment for any process. Recipients of all Sierra ultrasonic, vortex, peak and other flow products, whether standard or customized, also receive customized support and service. The Sierra team values our unique relationship with every client, going well beyond the point of purchase to ensure optimum operation and understanding Our website furthers the dedication to customer service, offering a live help feature for immediate feedback, and communication with knowledgeable agents. Our constant search for solutions is inherent in Sierra, not only in response to individual customer challenges, but to global issues as well. As an increasing number of clean energy and energy efficiency applications emerge, we look forward to developing ever better technology to manage and maintain process flow. With 40 years of industry leadership, there is no doubt that Sierra Instruments will meet these challenges. No matter the industry, no matter the location, Sierra’s passion for flow ensures a steady stream of innovation.


Consistent Thermal Flow Meter Measurement for Increased Accuracy and Profitability

Thermal flow meters designed by Sierra Instruments are engineered for accuracy and high quality performance!

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Sierra Instruments Announces QuadraTherm® Thermal Mass Flow Meters Now Have Full Device Description Foundation Fieldbus

Sierra Instruments create thermal mass flow meters with full device description communcation protocols.

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Sierra Expands Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration Systems & Online Store

Sierra Instruments has announced their expansion of their new economical gas flow calibration system.

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Introducing a New Paradigm for Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow

Introducing a New Paradigm in regards to mass flow thermal dispersion.

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Flexibility with Adjustable Liquid Flow Switches

Sierra Instruments offers flexibility with their adjustable liquid flow switches.

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Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The ultrasonic flow meters by Sierra Instruments are portable and offer high performance capabilities.

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Capillary Tube Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers - A User's Guide

Are you looking for a guide involving capillary tube thermal mass flow meters? Read this helpful user guide provided by Sierra Instruments.

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Flare Gas Mass Flow Metering

This whitepaper explains the innovative flare gas mass flow meter solutions provided by Sierra Instruments.

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Precise Biogas Flow Measurement

This whitepaper by Sierra Instruments explains the benefits of biogas flow measurement.

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Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration Systems

Learn how primary standard gas flow calibration systems provide users with accurate mass flow measurements.

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Flowmeter Re-Calibration Made Easy

This video by Sierra Instruments explains how to utilize their easy-to-use online accounts.

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Multi-Gas Flow Totalizer for QuadraTherm 640i/780i

View this video by Sierra Instruments to learn about their versatile mulit-gas flow totalizers.

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Sierra's Flow Meter Technical Support and Repair Capability

Sierra Instruments offers flow meter technical support and repair services.

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How to Buy Industrial Flow Meters Online

Need to buy from Sierra Instruments? This video will show you how!

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810 Mass Flow Controllers: How to Set Up, Mount & Leak Test

Watch this video to learn how to set up 810 mass flow controllers.

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810 Mass Flow Controllers: Wiring Connections and Power Options

This video instructs users how to properly wire their mass flow controllers.

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810 Mass Flow Controllers: How to Effectively Perform a Leak Test

Learn how to perform proper leak tests with 810 mass flow controllers.

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810 Mass Flow Controller: How to Configure Your Set-Point

810 Mass Flow Controllers by Sierra Instruments have easy set-point configurations. Watch this video to learn more.

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How Capillary Thermal Mass Flow Meter Technology Works

This video explains how thermal mass flow meters by Sierra Instruments function.

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Overcoming Ammonia Mass Flow Measurement & Control Challenges

View this video by Sierra Instruments to learn how to overcome ammonia mass flow measurement challenges.

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Why Dry Sensor Design Is Key for Stability, Accuracy and In-Situ Validation

Read Sierra Instrument’s latest blog post about the importance of dry senor design in flow meters compared to wet sensor design!

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Sierra Instruments Introduces New Gas Mixing Feature

Sierra Instruments introduces their new gas mixing feature which allows users to create custom gas mixtures. Read more about it here!

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Sierra Instruments Releases New Full Line Flow Meter Catalog

Sierra Instruments announces the release of their new full line flow meter catalog.

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Sierra’s InnovaMass iSeries Flow Meters Have Arrived!

Sierra Instruments proudly introduces their InnovaMass 240i and 241i vortex mass flow meters.

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Sierra Instruments Launches New Website & E-Commerce Portal

Sierra’s new website makes flow meter selection fast and easy, providing an unprecedented customer experience.

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Next Generation Vortex Flow Meter

Next Generation Vortex Flow Meter

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Steam Measurement in Large Pipes

Learn more about maximizing your steam productivity and reducing overall cost of ownership for more energy savings when measuring steam.

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Easy Field Validation with Smart Interface Portal

Glen Coblentz demonstrates the Smart Interface Portal (SIP) for the InnovaMass iSeries vortex flow meters.

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Inside Look at Flow Calibration Facility

Sierra gives you an inside look at the development of the new flow calibration facility at our headquarters in Monterey, California

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InnovaMass iSeries Vortex Flow Meter Video

Sierra’s InnovaMass iSeries multivariable and volumetric vortex flow meters feature apps on the Smart Interface Portal to make your meter easier to use and tune in the field.

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Shared Technology Benefits of InnovaMass and QuadraTherm

Similar User Experience for iSeries Volumetric Vortex Flow Meter.

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InnovaMass. Reinvented.

Sierra Instruments introduces the new InnovaMass 240i and 241i vortex mass flow meters.

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[Infographic] Do YOU Have The Thermal Mass Flow Advantage?

Learn how counting molecules saves you money and increases accuracy in results.

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Video- Quick Tip: The Ideal Gas Law & Flow Measurement

Explaining why mass flow is more important the volumetric flow in most industries.

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NIST Primary Calibration Standards for Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

What is NIST calibration and why is it important for accurate flow meter measurement

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How to Install and Operate the InnovaSonic 207i

You’ll find out how to correctly install a 207i,

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InnovaSonic 207i Smart Interface Portal (SIP) Software Overview

The 207i flow meter for liquids is the ideal plug and play liquid flow meter

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Quick Start App for InnovaSonic 207i

Overview of the 207i SIP features

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SmartTrak®: Master of All Flows!

Sierra’s SmartTrak® series, often called the Swiss Army Knife of mass flow controllers

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How to Easily Avoid Costly Mistakes with Vortex Flow Meters

Useful tips for successful vortex installations

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Why Mass Flow Meters for Power Plants?

Watch our latest video featuring Dr. John Olin

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Sierra's Powerful Big-3™ Flow Technologies

Do you want to know the perfect solution to any fluid flow application in any facility around the world?

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Preventable Mistakes with Vortex Flow Meters

This article tells you how to avoid mistakes with flow meters

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Sierra Announces NEW Line of MEMS-Based Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Flow Meters

Sierra's new line of flow meters and controllers is an ideal equipment upgrade for biopharm OEMs.

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