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  • 3 Reasons to Choose Chambered Flanged Level Switches

    Chambered level switches are designed to activate a switch when the level inside a container reaches above or below a certain pre-set point by the factory. These switches are ideal for use in industries that work with a lot of liquids and must monitor the level of the liquids closely. Most level switches manufacturers allow customers to choose the housing type, chamber material, type of switch, process connections, accessories, and the number of switches inside each housing box. Since there are a variety of switch options, it can be overwhelming...

  • Gems Sensors & Controls Announces New Level Transmitter for Shallow Tank Applications

    Plainville CT, May 2013 – Gems Sensors & Controls has released the XM/XT-300 and XM/XT-700 that are ideal level sensors for applications in shallow tanks where space is at a premium or tighter resolution is a must. Industries such as OHV, HVAC, printing and medical particularly use this. Gems Sensors & Controls has expanded upon their product offering with the launch of its innovative compact size continuous level transmitter. “These new products are essentially the blending of two level stalwarts for Gems, the LS-300/700 point level switch and XM-800 continuous...

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Float Level Switch

Float level switches are utilities that monitor and control the level of liquids in storage and transmission systems. There are many cases in which the accurate measurement of liquid levels in a storage enclosure or transmission apparatus is essential. In fuel storage tanks, for example, fuel levels often cannot be determined by any other means than with a float level switch.

Float level switches are useful in many contexts. In wastewater treatment plants, the amount of water in a purification system is usually measured by some kind of float level sensor or switch. Level control switches are also used in the agriculture industry, pharmaceutical products development, a variety of manufacturing processes and in an extensive variety of other applications. Many sump pump varieties also require float level switches in order to function correctly. Float level switches offer many attractive qualities to their users. They are generally simple in design, which makes them easy to operate and can make them inexpensive. Electrical interference does not affect float level switches. Depending on their intended use, float level switches can be constructed from materials that allow them to function in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. 

Different level switches function in different ways. A level management tool can be used for the measurement of material levels in a system, or it can be used for both measurement and control. The simplest float level switch would consist of a hollow, buoyant bulb that would, upon contact with rising liquid levels, become raised, which would trigger a mechanism within the equipment to which the bulb is attached. Such systems transmit level data based on whether or not their internal circuitry is open or closed. When a level switch bulb is descended, for example, the internal circuitry to which it is attached is usually open. When it rises enough, the circuit becomes closed, sending a signal to monitoring equipment. In some cases, that monitoring equipment doubles as control equipment, allowing for the automatic adjustment of level control apparatus. Such devices are very helpful in preventing overfilling of storage tanks and other similar equipment; when material levels reach a certain level in an enclosure, the float level switch registers the level and sends signals to equipment that can prevent the level from rising any higher. 

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