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  • Hillside, IL

    We offer instrumentation for ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, hydrostatic, TDR, and radar. We provide our customers with the best level measurement system for any application. We offer a variety of level switches and level indicators, including our unique tank level indicator. We provide the best solution for each unique need. Contact us to learn more!

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  • Harleysville, PA

    Our ability to successfully diversify demonstrates Siemen’s managed approach to the marketplace. This approach continues to maintain stability of the company, therefore providing a basis for positioning ourselves as a leader in providing knowledgeable, prompt and courteous customer service as well as stellar products like our tank level indicators.

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  • Pittsburgh, PA

    Premier engineer KOBOLD Instruments brings you the latest technology in level monitoring. Our level switches, made to suit aggressive media & chemical monitoring applications, include ultrasonic, vibrating fork, optical & magnetic float technologies of the highest quality & dedication to innovation. Our name is synonymous with quality instruments for monitoring & regulating level flow through.

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  • Southington, CT

    We use only the latest technologies when manufacturing our products. We carry many tank level indicator designs to suit our customers needs in every industry. Our goal is to meet all of your needs so that you can get what you need every time. We believe in offering nothing but the best to our customers. Learn more when you visit us online!

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  • Sparta, NJ

    When it comes to quality, we are unmatched. We believe in offering the best of quality, affordability, and efficiency in our tank level indicator manufacturing methods. No matter what you get from us, it is always of the highest quality. Contact us today for more information or visit our website to see all our products and services!

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Tank Level Indicator

Tank level indicators are a type of level switch that is specifically utilized within tanks, which are large vessels used to hold gases, liquids or free-flowing solids. Usually metallic, tanks can be a fairly broad category including 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums as well as most other types of large containers such as hoppers or bins.

Tank level indicators are fairly versatile types of level switches and can be used in diverse applications and industries, including petroleum, for level control of oil and gas in refineries; industrial manufacturing, for measurement of the levels of various processing media; chemical processing, for preventative level control of potentially hazardous materials; marine, used in the measurement of marine vessel fluid levels; and residential, for a variety of level indicating applications. Tank level indicators can be used not only in above ground tanks, such as overhead tanks or grounded tanks, but they can also be used for level control in underground tanks as well. Due to the diversity of the capabilities of tank level indicators, additional industries that utilize them include defense contracting, commercial, private sector aircraft manufacturing, agriculture and wastewater treatment.

Tank level indicators function mainly to measure the level of various materials based on the principle of differential pressure. This means that the level indicator is able to determine the level of the material due to the difference between the two pressures (the pressure at the bottom of the tank compared to the atmospheric pressure) being equal to the height of the material when it is multiplied by the specific gravity of the material. As a result, as long as the gravity of the material (or the density) remains the same, then the tank level indicator will be able to accurately measure the level of the material. When level measurement is based upon this principle, it is also commonly referred to as hydrostatic tank gauging (HTG). Floating level indicators are often a popular form of tank level indicators, and continuous level floats are one of the most accurate ways of measurement control in tanks. A continuous level float functions by means a sensors (which can range anywhere from two to 25 ft in length) is inserted at the top of the tank through either a flanged, welded or screwed connection. The accuracy of level measurement using this type of device is approximately up to .02 in. and as a result is used in many applications requiring high precision in measurement. 

Tank Level Indicator
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