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  • Should You Use High Level Switches?

    In most cases, factories have the chance to choose between a high level switch or a transmitter for applications where both sensors can be used. For example, a factory could use both a high level switch or a transmitter to sound an alarm if the level of a liquid gets too high. So when both systems can be used, which is better for the job? Cost: In general, level switches are much less expensive than transmitter switches. Level switches have fewer parts, are easier to install, and do not provide...

  • The What, Where, and How of Displacer Level Switches

    Displacer level switches are level indicators that use the technology of buoyancy to detect liquid levels. A spring is loaded with weighted displacers that are heavier than the liquid. The displacers are immersed into the liquid which causes buoyancy force to change the net force on the spring. This causes the spring to compress. When the spring compresses, a magnetic sleeve compresses, and actuates a switch mechanism. This causes the switch to turn on or off, depending on the programming. There are a variety of industrial uses for indicator switches....

  • Multi-Gas Flow Totalizer for QuadraTherm 640i/780i

    Sierra Instruments' Smart Interface Program (SIP) for QuadraTherm 640i/780i Mass Flow Meters   Sierra Instruments' Smart Interface Program (SIP) for QuadraTherm 640i/780i mass flow meters provides end-users with a powerful feature to totalize four unique gases independently. Learn how to set up and use this flow totalizer feature. Get the most out of your Sierra industrial mass flow meter with the SIP features....

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Level Indicator

Level indicators are measurement devices that determine the amount of material that is in a container. Unlike level switches, they are not capable of controlling the amount of material; they are solely capable of providing information regarding the material level. The inability to control the material level is due to the lack of a switching mechanism, which allows level switches control of the material flow.

A level indicator is more in line with a gauge then with a switch, and they can be referred to as level gauges or level sensors as well. However, despite their inability to control material flow, level indicators are still widely used in many applications and industries, including industrial manufacturing, in which level indicators help to prevent overflows, jams and clogs in containment and conveyance systems; water treatment, where they are popular tools used to measure water levels in water treatment facilities; food and beverage, in which they are used in storage and packaging applications; and petroleum, in which they are used in the measurement of oil and gas for storage and packaging for distribution purposes. Level indicators can be used in the measurement of material levels such as limestone, foundry sand, grain, water, chemicals, sewage and sludge.

Without the addition of a switching mechanism, level indicators are fairly simple constructions and look very similar to a temperature gauge. A level indicator is basically a form of sight glass, which is a transparent tube that the operator of the container utilizes to observe the level of liquid that is contained within. As a result, level indicators are often manufactured from glass, but can also be fabricated from aluminum and various types of plastic. Level indicators are attached to the container that the material is held within, and can be attached through two main methods: by using bar magnets or by using suction cups. Although they can be very basic constructions, level indicators can also be manufactured with additional features to become very complex and more customized to the needs of specific applications. An example would be when a level indicator is desired to measure the material level of bulk dry materials, in which case the level indicator must become more durable as well as offer additional features required for solid measurement as compared to liquid measurement. In addition, level indicators can provide either single-point level measurement or continuous level measurement, meaning that they can measure one area of the material or any changes to the material level as a whole.

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