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IQS Directory provides a comprehensive list of industrial reel manufacturers and suppliers. Use our website to review and source top industrial reel manufacturers with roll over ads and detailed product descriptions. Find industrial reel companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture industrial reels to your companies specifications. Then contact the industrial reel companies through our quick and easy request for quote form. Website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information is provided for each company. Access customer reviews and keep up to date with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of vacuum hose reels, heavy duty hose reels, chemical hose reels, or customized industrial reels of every type, this is the resource for you.

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  • Hannay Reels Releases New Spanish Language Website

    Hannay Reels 553 State Route 143 Westerlo, NY  12193-0159 Phone: 518.797.3791 Fax: 518.797.3259 (Westerlo, NY) – Hannay Reels just launched a new Spanish translation of their website to reach a wider audience with greater accessibility and enhanced communication.  All pages and navigation will continue to have the same functionality as before, which means that searching for reels by industry, application, type or model number and requesting information is still possible. Product and category descriptions will be in Spanish as well as the tradeshow listing, dealer locator feature, contact page, news...

  • The Lifesaving Products Given By Fire Hose Reel Suppliers

    Fires can occur at any time. It could be a candle tipping over when no one is home, lighting a fireplace when the flu isn't properly cleaned, a forgotten straightener, an electrical malfunction or a blown fuse. Whatever the cause, whether accidental or on purpose, fires can happen. Depending on the climate, it sometimes doesn't take much for it to turn into a full epidemic, like in the case of the Great Fire of London in 1666 or wildfires that can occur in states during droughts. Luckily today we have...

  • Hydraulic Swivel Costing Strategies

    July 21, 2014 When a customer fills out a request for quote and submits it to UEA, our quoting process begins.  We take the customer’s requirements and design the swivel.  Some of the main driving forces that dictate the final design are as follows, in no particular order. customer requirements: port size, port function, port orientation, pressure level, thru hole size, mounting brackets, and whether this is a combo unit with a slip ring or not Industry standards...

  • Industrial Reels, Some of Our Toughest Reels

    When it comes to factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or construction zones, industrial cables are often subjected to some tough elements. These conditions could include a wide range of temperatures, harsh chemicals, frequent spray downs, or simply continuous use. Such exposure can have a negative effect on the cord reels designed to hold them. For this reason industrial reels are often put to use. In addition to helping withstand extreme hardships, industrial reels can also be used when longer or thicker cords or hoses are needed. By reeling the hoses or...

  • Reelcraft Offers Reel Mounting Assembly for Easy Overhead and I-beam Mounting

    Reelcraft Industries offers mounting assemblies for mounting Series 7000 reels to an I-beam or for overhead support. The assembly includes a channel for one or two reels and beam clamps for attaching the reels and channel to an I-beam without compromising the structural integrity of the beam. Mounting channels can be mounted end to end to mount three or more reels. Reelcraftâ??s hose reel cabinet can also be used with the mounting assembly to enclose the reels and protect them from the surrounding environment. ...

  • Coxreels, the leading US manufacturer of industrial grade hose, cord, and cable reels, has announced the launch of its new website.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Florent Antonetti 800-269-7335 x119   Coxreels is excited to announce the launch of its new and improved website: This completely revamped website features a new design, a fresh look, a streamlined user interface and new tools for convenient product search and selection.   Coxreels’ website has been improved, expanded and designed to insure a superior and informative user experience. is a true and extensive resource center for distributors, OEMs and end-users offering...

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Industrial Reels

Industrial reels are hose and cord reels designed to withstand the toughest conditions and wear. They are used when a longer hose or cord larger in diameter is needed for industrial applications. They are used in factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and construction zones. Industrial reels are designed to handle frequent spray downs, a wide range of temperatures, exposure to harsh chemicals and continuous use.

Often times industrial reels support high pressure hoses that are designed to spray water, air or heavy liquids like oil or grease. Potable water systems, air and hydraulic tools, wash down equipment, refueling operations, lubrication and maintenance bays, arc and gas welding, cable storage, electric power tools and industrial lighting all use industrial reels to keep hoses and cords organized whether in use or in storage. Using reels in industrial settings improves worker efficiency, productivity and safety. They are used to store cords and hoses and keep them untangled. Their main purpose, however, is to protect hoses from unwanted damage and to ensure they are kept working at their peak performance. Industrial reels are strong, reliable and improve safety conditions in the workplace by eliminating loose cord or hose slack that could create a tripping hazard.

Most industrial reels automatically retract instead of requiring manual rewinding. This feature is either electrically, spring or pneumatically powered and requires minimal manual effort. Those that need employees to rewind by hand are often equipped with a hand-turned crank. They are cylindrical in shape, similar to a large spool, and wind cords, hoses, rope and electric cables to be used indoors or outside. Industrial reels are often horizontally mounted to the ceiling or floor. Those that require maneuverability are designed with a handle or as part of a wheeled cart for workers to commonly move around the facility. There are several safety features of industrial reels. An adjustable drag prevents the hose or cord from spinning off the reel when pulled on, and locking ratchets are safety mechanisms that help regulate hose pressure. Reels that carry electrical cords for outdoor use must be waterproof, and are equipped thermoplastic cord insulation that has an opening for a socket and a non-twist socket mounting to prevent unwinding or tangling. Many industrial reels are used to hold electrical cords. Those that are must be used with caution because a rolled up cord or cable has a much higher chance of overheating and creating a fire hazard.

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