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  • Westerlo, NY 877-467-3357

    Our hose reels are all made in the U.S., with a heavy-duty design and construction, built specifically to fit your needs and never retrofitted to the job. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality hose reels, Hannay Reels offers one piece hub assembly, heavy gauge steel and dual frame support with special finishes upon request. Visit our website for more information.

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  • Mississauga, ON 905-564-9962

    Unique Hosereels is a global supplier of a variety of hose reels, tank manifold systems and valves. This company can create custom solutions including: electric, hydraulic, manual, air and spring rewind reels from 1" to 4". This turnkey supplier works hard to provide their customers with the latest innovations. Contact them today to learn more!

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  • Phoenix, AZ 623-266-4159

    Keep your hoses on a leash, with Arctic Leash hose reels! A manufacturer of hose reels & accessories for garden, automotive & OEM applications, Arctic Leash offers no-fuss water hose reels, retractable hose reels & air hose reels you can depend on, plus easy-to-use portable & mounting hardware options. Organize your facility - shop online today! Military Purchase? Use GSA Contract# GS-07F-9624S.

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  • Houston, TX 281-443-2837

    Our capabilities include engineering, design, retrofitting, custom machining and fabrication plus service and repair. Our proficiency is used to produce hose reels (hotline), cable reels (multiplex), hydraulic umbilical reels, fuel transfer floater hose reels and more. Patco began business in 1973.

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High Pressure Hose Reels Industry Information

High Pressure Hose Reels

High pressure hose reels are specifically designed to hold pressurized water and air hoses used for industrial processes and manufacturing operations.

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High Pressure Hose Reel Uses

High pressure hoses are used in various industrial applications, including components in pressure washers, and are primarily parts of larger equipment or machinery. However, those that stand alone are most likely to use a hose reel. The most well-known application for a high pressure hose reel is a reel for fire department hoses. Other applications would be for industrial cutting hoses and hoses that power manufacturing tools. Besides air and water, some high pressure hoses carry heavy liquids like grease and hydraulic oils.

High Pressure Hose Reel Design

Most high pressure hose reels are designed to mount horizontally on the ceiling or floor. The high pressure hoses are made of thick, sturdy materials like plastic or rubber; the strongest have spiraled wire cores with rubber coating. The reels are large and often made of corrosion and chemically resistant metal like stainless steel. They also have an adjustable drag to prevent the hose from spinning off the reel when being pulled on.

High Pressure Hose Reel Advantages

Some of the many advantages of high pressure hose reels include saving time and encouraging efficient and safe operation. In addition, most are calibrated to automatically retract high pressure hoses when not in use and require zero winding. Since high pressure hoses tend to have a larger diameter than other cords and hoses, the reels are designed to be quite large to allow the maximum number of feet to be wound onto the reel. Suppose the hose is used by employees who often carry other equipment and instruments in addition to the hose. In that case, a motor or spring-driven hose reel is the best option because they can wind automatically. For those that don't, a crank wound reel works fine.

Importance of Proper High Pressure Hose Reel Care

By neatly winding the high pressure hoses on a reel, the hose life is extended and performance improved. To function properly and safely, hoses with pressure must be perfect. Hose reels prevent dragging and getting caught and tangled with other hoses or cords; both actions could easily kink or damage the hose. Such hose trauma could cause a pressure drop, compromising performance and worker safety, rendering the hose completely useless.

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